1. Look, lol, at the plant?
    What do you see?
    Here's what I see.
    From seed the plant grows.
    The first two little round leafs.
    It's not a plant ,yet, but still in seed stage.
    The plant it self, will start ,you will see the
    separation from the two little round leaf.
    Anything above that is the plant it's self.
    Anything below is rooting system.
    The first true plant leaf will be the single finger then 3,5,7 etc…
    Outdoors in the wild..I observed that the single finger leaf align to morning sun rise, these are the East and a West..
    The next set of leaf will be 3 finger leaf, these are the north and south.
    A pattern starts in all cannabis, this it, the structure of cannabis.
    What grows up must grow out.
    What grows out must grow up.
    It's a grow pattern.
    At this early stage, stand over the top of plant.
    What do you see,,I see a X or cross like pattern.
    These are the stalk leafs.
    These get the stalk to go up, chase the sun and stretch.
    At this stage, the stalk leaf has ,to me , one purpose.
    At this stage you look down on plant ,you'll notice that each leaf is opposite of each other, E.S.W.N.
    This pattern goes until, I call stair stepping happens.
    At this stage, the lower part of plant should have branches started.
    This is the plant pattern, it's growing out as the stalk grows up.
    For me, when the branch get started, the one purpose from the stalk leaf was to start branches.
    This is when, I , remove leaf from stalk.
    Look again over top of plant.
    What do you see.
    Should be stalk leaf only and lower should be branches stretching out to jokey for position to get light. At the top of the plant you see really tiny leaf folded up and on inside of that is another set of new growth leafs. I count the leaf down, top 10 leaf. I keep these on ,they are stalk leaf.
    If the plant is topped at this stage ,it's a structure grow of only NESW . This stops the plants stalk growing up.
    Leaving only the branches to grow out.
    Now the branches are like the stalk now, instead of one stalk, lots of stalks.
    The grow pattern now is what grows out is what must grow up.
    Same as the stalk, the branch leaf has one purpose. To get what everyone is watching and waiting for.
    This is when I stop picking leaf. These leaf are the one's not to touch,
    As all this is happening the root system is strong, letting all plant energy going to bud site's.
    There's reason in leaf removal, from growing to falling onto bud site cause bud rot.
    Share your knowledge, too
    HAPPY NEW,,2019

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