Cannabis Seed to Sprout Timelapse – The First 10 Days (DWC Hydro)

This video covers the first 10 days of my first grow. I am using the DWC hydro technique. Subscribe to my channel to follow along. Follow me on Instagram: …


  1. If you notice that that second seed once transfered to dwc stunted and stoped growing along . The reason was either dud (most likely not) or the fact that it was water logged and once you transplanted it , it was stunted , you must create a root system along with growing the seedling to the second set of leaves before the transplant to ensure that growth is there , and keep that rockwool dry and let the roots do the work search into the water , so its growing at all times and not stunting stressing in any way , also makes females stay females and not stress to males in hydro as well.

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