1. I've missed you I'm glad to see a video Even though I don't know what the product is I support you have you thought about going back to get your instructors license it's been about 2 years now and you should be doing the instructors part I would like it if you can do a video on the pros and cons of you now being a successful esthetician I'm very proud of your progress and thank you for the times you have done beautiful classy videos unlike most that have done it they haven't showed themselves actually doing the facials the beards and playing the most beautiful music in the background have a prosperous 2020 please let me know if you will be going back to get your instructors license I would love to see you Excel exceedingly well in the beauty industry also I'd like to know finally have you taken up the eyelash course and Laser I don't think from what I recall in South Carolina and Georgia offers electrolysis course that would be another one since it deals with hair removal and it is license but if you get an opportunity take it up there for you can add more money into your pocket by offering different features have a blessed weekend thank you🎄🖤💜💛💚💙🖤💖💜💙🖤💚💖🖤💇🎆🎇🎄🎄.

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