CBD Oil ➜ The Positives + Negatives of Using It!

Is CBD Oil a Healthy Solution for You? A Sincere Look at the Positives and the Negatives aka Shadows of CBD Oil and Supplements as a whole! Enjoy this very …


  1. Hi there, right on point my friend I agree %100 with what you said about the shadow when you don't make any changes. Change is very hard, specially when you have living your whole life the same way same thinking and behaviors. Cbd could be very good for depression and anxiety but If you don't work your issues and just take cbd it's like putting a bandaid on a scar, it never is going to heal. Thank you for your video!

  2. I take 2 12.5mg doses a day for various problems related to a resent stroke. It really helps, and I think twice that dose would be even more helpful but I cant afford it. Don't get disability till September, and I cant get Medicaid.

  3. As someone with horrible Ptsd, panic attacks, bit of agoraphobia, and chronic migraines I have been seriously thinking about trying this out. Thankfully I am in Washington state so I wont have any issue getting some. I love how relaxing you are I can just feel your positive energy through the video. I will have to look through your other videos and see if you have any other videos that may help me out with my issues. Thank you for this video <3

  4. I did not realize there was a prescription CBD OIL..I want to speak with my MD about this. He is very open to listening to his patients. But where can I find information on what to tell him, like what needs to be on the prescription and where would I take it to get if filled?

  5. Hello, I was in a workplace accident a few years ago leaving me in a wheelchair. I'm now a T-10 T-11 incomplete para. I had a 20ft beam fall 7 stories landing on me, I have been suffering with pain 24hrs a day ever since being released from Rehab back in 2013. I have severe tone and spasms in my legs. I also should add, I do have feeling and I can move my legs a bit. I'm wondering what would be best for me to try? I can't stand having the "high" feeling so was thinking of trying CBD's..I live in Nova Scotia, Canada. Thanks for any help you can give..Never know, maybe something like this could help me get back up to the vertical position. Thanks, Chris.

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