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  1. Hi love! I too have Crohns. I looked into this cbd oil and from what I’ve gathered this isn’t a pure cbd extract. It’s a hemp seed oil. Hemp seed is wonderful but what you truly want is full spectrum or “whole plant” cbd oil that has been naturally extracted and decarboxylated (activated) not just pressed. I would be more than happy to send you a bottle of organic full spectrum cbd oil (grown in Oregon) if you want to try it. Sending my love ?

  2. I went back to my doctor after seeing your video on ulcerative colitis and Crohn's, I've been told so many times that I have IBS even when I have some quite serious symptoms, I am now finally being referred urgently as my symptoms do fit the criteria for cancer but it's actually more likely to be an ibd seen as I've had this for years. I have a Medi pen with CBD I haven't tried it properly but it was recommended to me maybe that would work better for you? Although you can't really vape at work! I found it interesting that you say you have an allergy flair up when your stomach is bad, I have just had a stomach flair and my nose had been running and my eyes stinging and red and they often happen together. It would be nice to figure out what's going on with my stomach finally xx

  3. Hi☺

    I've been taking 3drops a day it's been nearly 5months , I have definitely noticed a difference. I have crohn's colitis so I would recommend it. I only take 3 drops a day that is it . I haven't increased it at all. It seems to work for me I drink orange juice after I have taken that gets rid of the taste straight away. Hope this makes you want to keep trying it.?

  4. You’re a brave soul for watching The Haunting of the Hill house in the bathroom! Thank you for always sharing your experiences with us. Do you have any vitamins that help you with the Crohn’s?

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