CBD Oil Side Effects – Everything you Need to Know Before taking CBD Oil

CBD Oil Side Effects are many new users main concern. Especially because of the wide variety of conditions CBD is being used to treat, there has to be some …


  1. I've been using a weak cbd for a very short period it seems to be working great for me. As someone with anxiety it's deffently helped me. Seems to even aid in breathing to be perfectly truthful.

  2. I've used it an it has helped me sleep better. I've also read that it can cause liver damage. An there is know dosage. There are 100 mg. 250 mg. 300 mg , 500 mg , an 750 mg. How do you know what is best to use. An why is it so expensive?

  3. The only 'bad' side effects from smoking cannabis is the munchies and then the next day you still have bud but no money for more munchies. Thats the only bad side effect it has

  4. Ahem. If it was a drug it wouldn't be classified as a food supplement since it contains vitamins, especially omega 3 fatty acids.
    Drugs like cocaine and heroin are man made from plants with added chemicals and what not.

    But the bud from the cannabis plant that has no added man made components, obviously doesnt make it a drug, 1, it isnt additive, it would be to a developing teenager tho. But one thing I know that's worse than weed is nicotine because that is very addictive as I cant control myself over a cigarette, but when I have weed, I would have 100mg of thc in a joint, and that's what helps me not smoke cigarettes as I have asthma and I notice that it helps my asthma, and I've never ever experienced any bad side effects aside from my anxiety being heightened causing paranoia which is also easy to stop if I take some cbd to bring down the thc in my system so I can relax properly.

    It is not a drug as if it was it would kill you quickly , the only way for people to overdose on weed is that you need to consume at least 10 thousand grams within one hour which is impossible to do.
    And I havent came across any other drugs from prescription that can give my adhd, anxiety, pain relief, relief for my autism other than cbd oil because the drugs I was on that my doctor gave me made my ADHD better, but made me sick in other ways , it ruined my appetite and my natural period cycle.
    But now it's all back to normal just because of one plant can do such miracles.

    This plant is to behold its greatness, use it and chill all the way and have a goodnight

  5. doctors are trying to manufacture side effects you going to try to make up as much trash as they can FDA Amaeven the DEA will they will all lose a lot of money from this particular product Iyou think they don't lie and steal you are very sadly mistaken

  6. I have been taking cbd for 2weeks .its cure my insomia ,audio n visual n somatic hallucinations n anxiety ,n no side effects ,this is a god send oil to cure psycho illness ,n I don't need back to hospital to take damn ivega n epilim n abilify ,this video make such as a shit .a dammn writer

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