CBD Product Tests: Results Can Be Alarming | NBC 4 I-Team

NBC 4 New York first highlighted the popularity surrounding CBD-infused products months ago. CBD, or Cannabinol oil, is a chemical found in marijuana and …


  1. Big Pharma is absolutely scared to death that CBD and Hemp are going to destroy them, and it is and will, thank GOD. It doesn't surprise me i'm seeing videos and ads telling everyone not to either SMOKE CANNABIS or TAKE CBD. They wouldn't be doing that unless they're shitting in their pants terrified. I have been taking CBD for at least 4 months daily. It comes straight from Colorado and it's probably the highest quality in the entire country. Pain and Inflammation are gone, The stuff naturally regulates the function of your body. It's beyond miracle stuff, it's GOD stuff.

  2. Ive been vaping for week now and using a supposed 0 thc oil and is from a highly recommened smoke, vape shop. Every day I have felt better using it. I get gout sometimes but my joints feel great, I have more energy, and just feel different. I have a little anxiety and usually dont talk much but since using the cbd I have been more vocal and outgoing. To me cbd is a miracle! I smoked alot of weed in the past but havent in years. Cbd is like getting the physical advantages of weed but without getting high, feeling paranoid, or all the other mental things people think when smoking weed. They need to just legalize it like alchol so people who really need it can get help without being viewed as a druggy.

  3. Why not get Medical CBD and test that also? If they are what you claim they are, they should’ve been tested as a control sample to show that strictly regulated products do in fact meet the guidelines.

  4. So "Big Pharma" wants to make the money of CBD sales and this fear mongering is how they plan on doing it. Once Big Pharma has the exclusive it will then jack up the price by many thousand of %

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  6. You mean the wild, wild west, the free market that is, will sell you toxic products and lie to you? No way! It's almost like we need a strong regulatory body to oversee the production of hemp and cannabis products. Good luck, though, cause Drumpf aint' doin that.

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