CBD Use: What Does the Research Say? with Dr. Rebecca Siegel – The Brain Warrior's Way Podcast

This episode of The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast features more information, tips, and how to’s on medical marijuana and CBD oil. Let’s Talk About CBD with Dr.


  1. One perspective you didn't notice or comment on in regards to your perception of cannabis marketing targeting low income areas, is that those populations generally have no or very limited access to health care or treatments and often have to self medicate and self treat. With that perspective and the violence and self harm also associated with alcohol and opiate dependency, cannabis would be a far better choice for community use recreationally, especially if people could grow their own (improving access) as well as medical self treatment. Restricting an herb to medical dispensaries only again only ensures that people that need help won't have access.

  2. This individual with psychosis , may have been experiencing a repression of feelings, not based on cannabis but previously learned avoidant behavior , avoiding things enough will cause an influx of emotions that can be described as psychosis when the individual has no coping mechanisms

  3. From a mental health perspective it seems in normal individuals with no history of mental illness , the thc is unveiling cognitive dissonance , with this phenomenon you see discrepancy in the way you behave and think , causing an uncomfortable sense of self , this is not a bad thing , most people don’t take the time to notice these processes , if we are able to experience this cognitive dissonance and change our thoughts and behaviors for the better then the anxiety dissipates

  4. Thanks for attempting to talk about MC. So much to cram into a 48 minute discussion and so much that was not even addressed. In my own efforts to control pain, anxiety, PTSD, and gut issues, I have found help with CBD oil, edibles, as well as smoking flowers with a moderate amount of THC. I was super lucky to get hooked up with a collective (pharmacy) that is involved in private research in California. I got excellent advice on how to dose Medical Cannabis appropriately. It's much different – and much less quantity – that using cannabis recreationally. Certainly, adolescents should not be using cannabis without strict supervision, let alone recreationally. I was witness to a young adult male who had an episode and paramedics had to be called. He was awake but unresponsive from one hit of cannabis. Unsure of his medical history with psychotropic drugs, but this may have been a factor. So, this can happen, although this is the only time I have personally seen it.

    What was not even touched on is research that shows humans have an endocannabinoid system. Many herbs used medicinally contain similar compounds as cannabis, such as terpenes. That's part of the reason why they do work.

    I still agree that more research is needed but as someone who has allergic reactions and weird side effects that are worse than the symptoms I am trying to treat to practically every drug I have ever attempted to take… MC is a viable option to help alleviate symptoms so I can have some kind of quality of life, along with homeopathics, herbs and vitamin supplements.

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