CBS News poll: Support for legal marijuana use up to 65 percent

A new CBS News poll says Americans’ support for legal marijuana use is now at 65 percent, up from 45 percent just six years ago. But a majority of Americans …


  1. Why do all of the legal marijuana products in California come with a cancer warning — even the oils and edibles? This could all turn out horribly in the near and distant future — especially if the U.S. moves to some sort of socialized medical system.

  2. Whether or not it ever becomes legal, is it really going to change your day to day activities? As a Colorado resident I can tell you that the more lawyers/elected officials that can be kept out of the process, the better! Colorado has turned medical cannabis into a revenue generating nightmare that is less and less about patients and more about tax revenues.

  3. Andrew YANG is the only candidate who will legalize Weed it would be great if they would put away THC drug screens for employment the reason they say marijuana makes you lazy to work
    It takes to long to clear your system

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