1. can’t find a way to listen to this “accept it” song on the internet without paying, aggravating, like yo shit i like this song i’m about have to show my friend oh wait i can’t because no matter where i look i can’t fucking find it, never mind forget it whole experience has turned me off from your music.

  2. Such A Great Track Man Whole Album Was Incredible Really Showcases Your Progression Brother Thx For Being A Real One. From Production To Lyrics To Hooks to Stage Presence One Of The Realest Emcees Alive…
    🇨🇦 STAND UP

  3. @classifiedmusic Glad you have new content out brother! In a world so dark and gloomy; your music has always kept me light and sturdy! One love from this kid stuck in the dot. Never quit, Never stray! Your music helps us just to get through the day! Raspect!!!!

  4. Love this song so much!! Can’t wait to see you live again in Guelph next month!! The fact that you always keeps things genuine and your sound is never following trends of the shit music that’s out now makes you that much better!! Always repping for Scotia too which I mean… of course!! ❤️#NSProud

  5. Awesome lyrics, nice beat , inspiring come back. Anything is a game changer. You just gotta learn to dance though all terrain weather n become the rain maker.. keep ripping through the stacks..

  6. you the best homie stay strong! this song has helped me so much lately! cause I've got no one on myside that appreciate me at all not even family when all i do is help them and i be as positive as i can always but it drags me down over time and this song keeps me wanting to push forward no matter what!

  7. I think it's an awesome song and looks like you all had a great time making an interesting video! To me it says that everyone, even the obsolete or outdated, just needs to be strong through horrible shit and look around and no matter what you will find a place of importance. Believe in yourself though Classified, all of your fans do!

  8. If you don't know what snitchin is Obie Trice has a song called snitch ft akon says it all classified did something with his platform what every artist should be doing

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