Could Florida soon legalize marijuana for recreational use?

Could Florida soon join a growing list of states legalizing marijuana for recreational use? Attorney John Morgan is pushing ahead with the legal battle.


  1. Wanna end this archaic shit?
    It's time to initiate a movement for Jury Nullification.
    It's simple. They will not enforce laws of which they do not get convictions.
    A little Civil Disobedience goes a long way. JS

  2. They are going to legalize it any way watch it all come to pass recreational weed will be legalized in all 50 states because it's healthy you don't have to smoke it you can make cannabis oil and you can put it in your food or you can put it in your hot coco it depends on you but people make weed out to be so bad……drinking alcohol is what's killing a lot of people and other drugs like herion, cocaine, and crystal myth , mollys, and etc but weed only relax your body and mind and it's good for your body ….
    Weed have never killed nobody and no one have ever overdose off of weed unless it's been mixed with something else but if it's not mixed with something else then the weed you smoke you will not overdose on it ……….
    To all those thats out there that have their negative comments about weed you should be quite because you don't know what you're talking about because first of all you never tried weed and you don't know the effects of it and weed is not a drug it's a plant but what make weed bad is that a lot of people lace their weed mixing other chemicals with it and that's what make it bad but straight weed is not bad at all if it's not mixed with other chemicals

  3. There are only two kinds of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis the ones that are ignorant on the subject and the ones that make money off of it being illegal.

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