Dabbing: Smoking marijuana extract with high levels of THC is growing in popularity

There’s a new drug with THC that’s not the marijuana you’re used to. It’s not green. It’s not a plant. If you didn’t know any better, you might think it’s crack cocaine.


  1. Omg!!!!! Dabs!!!!! Its crack, its meth, its killing our kids and pets, dont pay attention to the gov controlling us, or the med companies killing us for profit. The world poverty or non stop genocide, LETS SCARE YUPPIE IDIOTS IN MIDDLE AMERICA over some extract. Real HARD HITTING NEWS HERE FOLKS

  2. "I went from not high, to being 100% high" – Words to live by.
    The Doctor is an idiot, Doses aren't necessarily higher. You've always been able to smoke a bong, instead of a bowl, or a joint, or a blunt, or a bigger blunt, all depending on how high you want to get. This only makes it easier to get high, it's not a magical gate to the Overdose-Unicorn these anti-marijuana folk are looking for.

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