1. Lmao I get some carts at my school and i I'm in a illigal state so they are fake but we are pretty sure the dab is good, the gay says he gets them from cali. Idk bruh they hit like a truck so I like them

  2. what the fuck yo they are fake yo u guna get some dumb ass kid sick or killed telling them to smoke fake carts .. wtf homie there is no company for dank mario or exotic come on man do some fucking research. you are a dirct reason kids find theses fucking reviews and think you know ur shit which you dont by a long shot and go and buy these fuck carts. . read up some more

  3. every single one of these are fake. Why aren't the sold in dispensaries if they are real? y'all need stop smoking those boof ass carts and get some real shit. if you can get your hands on an elite meds cart you won't be let down. best one I've ever had

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