Depression, SSRIs and CBD .. a long overdue update.

With lots of people asking how I’m doing I wanted to give everyone a quick update. It’s long overdue so this is what’s been going on.


  1. Sorry you are not doing well. AD withdrawal can be brutal. I was on effexor/venlafaxine twice and it took me as long to come off as I was on it- I was counting the little balls in the capsules at the end.. As for recovering from depression/grief/anxiety, whatever, its hard, and unfortunately theres no quick answer. You can do all that you can do to improve your diet, exercise, improve your family life, but it wont erase your trauma, any social problems or poverty that is involved in mental illness or the current alienating social landscape of cell phones and facebook. I found your vids because of CBD and while it seems to avoid many of the addictive issues of antidepressants, Im still kind of skeptical. For me it helps a little with anxiety but makes my depression worse. No easy fix unfortunately. Take care.

  2. Hi there, I am on Seroxat, I also have multiple illnesses for which I would like to take CBD but I am worried about too much seratonin from the ssri as cbd does act on this. Any ideas anybody? Is it dangerous to take CBD on SSRis? You are very brave Andy, I daren't come down as the stress might kill me given I have Addison's disease but I hope you get your life back x

  3. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk!! i hear ya re: lowering dose! i seem to always have trouble once i get to th 10-15mg citalopram point. just picked up some cbd this week but starting slow. feel like pumping it up but my blood pressure will drop too much if i do so i have to be careful. the struggle is real bro. solidarity across the pond. Hang in there!

  4. I use a combination of cbd and thc flowers, which I vape. Was on ADs (horror) and cbd only, but putting a bit of thc into the mix is the most effective medicine I ever had, concerning depression.

  5. You really help out a lot of people , I just wish you could be famous and a representative for people with depression. But you still help over a thousand people with your experience and your talks . I really hope things get better for you Becuase I think your an important guy.

  6. Im currently going through Citlopram withdrawals, stopped taking them cold turkey 2 weeks ago, my memory is fucked, im confused all the time, so many suicidal thoughts. but i refuse to take even a single pill again, ill go through this as long as i need to until it goes.
    if you havent, you should read the book Lost Connections by Johann Hari. i just finished it, its very very good. has helped me understand the real causes of depression and anxiety and made me realise that depression and anxiety are completely normal, its a signal from your brain to tell you something isnt right in your life, something needs changing. unfortunately for me and so many others we thought a pill would solve the underlying problems.
    im unemployed, no idea what my future is going to look like, i barely go outside, im so lonely.
    feeling anxious and depressed is a normal reaction to this, why didnt the doctor tell me that before giving me the pills?

  7. Hi Andy, I've been watching your videos for the past week now. I'm interested in buying CBD for my anxiety and to help my partner who has anger problems. Could you tell me where I can buy it?

  8. Andy – I really want to help you and trust me the depression can be cured.

    First of all have a full medical blood test at medi check online, this will test all your vitamins hormones etc.

    Then have a full heavy metal test, it looks like you have high lead or mercury intake in your body, if so this can be detoxed through infusions.

    Once you know where you are, then address all your food intake.

    Start with by cutting all what and grains from your diet along with refined sugar.

  9. Look at your diet buddy, trust me the food you put your body has a big part to play.

    Wheat and grain free along with no refined sugar and very low dairy intake.

    Your be surprised the correlation between wheat and depression

  10. just want to say that theres a device called ‘’alpha-stim aid”.
    when i was depressed i used that device to build of my anti depressants, from 5 pills to zero in few months. And never been back on them SINCE.
    Thats like 3 years ago, supplements that increase serotonin and other crucial vitamins for well being is what i use daily and helps.
    really suggest u to try Alpha-stim aid. You can hire the device for couple weeks for expensive 140pounds, or buy it for like 650 pounds.

  11. I'm so glad you checked in. I hope you'll get back to the CBD, and a good amount. I used it to get off the antidepressants, and had no withdrawals. I wonder if you need to try a different brand, as some CBD isn't as potent as others.
    Just don't give up. I know you can get past this. You are a strong person. ❤

  12. The sad thing is that all these down feelings u feel is only in your head like a monster trying to drag u down. Tecnically u could feel happy in just a sec like the cbd oil did to u the first time u tried it. Obviously uour sadness is not all gone if u get back on the cbd but I really wish u find the pieces in your life that can make u feel good again! And its definitely not impossible, u got to like a said find the right pieces because the happieness is inside u somewhere. Take care!

  13. I haven’t tried this yet but maybe look into a good quality of St.Johns Wort it’s supposed to help with depression. It’s an herb that comes in oil, capsules. I’ve been doing my own research and it seems some people have had success

  14. Andy i can hear the pain in yr voice. You and i are on the same journey but at different times.
    My advice is to get back on the CBD & find a CBD that blows the socks off all the others. It will take up the slack caused by coming off prescription meds.
    Ive been off SSRI's for 1 year now. I also went through the 'brain zap' phase but then they gradually subsided to nothing. For one year now I have been clear of all prescribed medication but have been having a life of hell with anxiety on a daily basis. The anxiety robs me of my confidence and ability to communicate with people. Anxiety and depression really are the biggest blocks to human happiness.
    Quite a few of the CBD's I have tried have been somewhat underwhelming but three weeks ago I tried a new brand supplied to me from a local source and OMG the difference has blown me away & completely turned my life around. I am now calm in most situations, I think clearly, I communicate well and I have a positive outlook on everything once again.
    I do not wish to mention on here which brand I am using as it will look like a sales tactic but if you would like to try this brand then I would happily provide you a link to the company.
    Btw….The brand i use isn't at all expensive.

  15. AD withdrawal is a bastard. I feel for you brother. Been down that road too many times. For me it is like trying to think and focus through a wet wool blanket wrapped around my brain punctuated by periodic shocks to my head. Not to mention my symptoms worsening. I don't know if these sound familiar to you or anyone else out there since everyone is different. CBD has been helpful to me as well as THC (prescribed). Too much THC tweaks my anxiety so I keep an even balance and it works well without making me feel impaired. I don't know if this is an option for you either legally, morally, or medically (always bounce it off the Doc as I am just a poor bastard suffering along with you and am not a medical professional). I can only speak to my experience (30 years worth) and it doesn't have much at all in the way of side effects. In my experience the side effects are the only guarantee with most ADs. I truly hope you get to feeling better brother and I hope you find something that works for you. Peace. RB

  16. You will be happy again you are trying to find yourself i know med help in some cases they dont but it helps you to realize a lot about yourself. You need to be happy because you have kids that needs you an everything they see in you they act. You need to find what motives you an find happines

  17. Carnivore diet! Watch the Jordan Peterson video on the matter. Along with CBD, it will make depression and anxiety a thing of the past. As someone who was once suicidal, I can say it has improved my life beyond belief.

  18. Hang in there. I know how it goes. There will always be some bad times, and some good times. I tried some of the prescription drugs, and every single one was like a poison. I will never take them again. I really felt like I would rather die than live the way they made me feel. I'm doing really good now. I think the statins I was on made me really depressed and anxious. No statins=to depression or anxiety!

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