Diesel after another seizure.

Diesel about 5 min after having another Seizure. He os normally out of it for about an hour after having one. Please keep your negative comments to yourself.


  1. My dog just had one yesterday for the first time in her 12 years. Very uncomfortable to endure watching for the first time. Did Diesel ever become afraid, almost as if he didn’t recognize you guys? My Red started growling at me and barking, and backed herself in a corner. The closer I got the more scared she got. Broke my heart seeing my baby afraid of me like that

  2. People need to see these if they don't they won't understand that you shouldn't mess with your pet while having a seizure because some people think your supposed to hold them and comfort them but your not supposed to do that it will just make it worse and won't make it shorter

  3. Very very cute dog… I hope to see him live a long and healthy life. I have just started praying for him today. The divine healing has begun today in his body. This day on, he is getting stronger and stronger. Epilepsy has departed from him in Jesus name. Amen !

  4. So my dog had a two pound tumor in him it ruptured and he started to have seizures. It was the most heart breaking thing I’ve ever experienced. This is my childhood dog. We use to play together and now he was dying in front of my eyes. Truly heart breaking. Luckily we got it out and he’s okay for now but we constantly have to look after him. We do the CBD oil and he started to eat again. I think I should make a video to let people know what mild seizers look like. Ugh ❤️ prayers for your pups!

  5. I’ve already commented on the other seizure video of him. I just wanted to say it again. I wish you guys the best of luck in recovery, And I'm sending all prayers. I thank god that he is surviving and he is doing a little better then he was before. As of again, sending all my love and prayers for this dog and his family. 💝

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