Dixie's Thru Hike Complete, Jason Wish's FKT, Backpacking Experience Podcast | Hikers Network EP7

This episode of Hikers Network includes: 1) 0:28 Jason Wish’s FKT of Sheltowee Trace: 2) 3:41 Article “Doctors Explain How Hiking …


  1. Heh. The tie! Love what you've done with the Hiker's Network, Jeremiah! Hope things are going well for you. Also, I know it's been forever….but I'm finally getting back to uploading vids about my AT thru hike, and trying to catch up with everyone else in the hiking community. πŸ˜€

  2. Love the show! As a parent of and ADHD kid, yes we see huge improvements in mood and abilities and focus when we have consistent outdoor activities, even just taking the dog for a walk each day.

  3. I really enjoyed Backcountry Exposure's podcast. Listened to it at lunch yesterday. Type two fun is the best fun. I used to carry a pour over set up, but I went back to instant. I love good coffee, but the weight and clean up was a bit much on longer trips. I found that Old Navy waffle fleece for $1.50 on a clearance rack! It's one of my favorite pieces of winter gear!!

  4. Thanks for the coffee tip!!! My coffee is definitely a major must!! Another good fleece option for women is at kohls. Its like 15$ but has thumbholes, hood, and zips up the front.

  5. Oh yeah… Hiking can change how our brains function! We don't need a study to tell us that. But, I'm glad the experts can document it. Speaking of that… We just got snow… I go do a little snowshoeing!

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