DIY Cannabis Butter – Cannabutter In a Slow Cooker

A step by step guide on how to create cannabis butter at home, using a slow cooker!


  1. Hahahah laughing at the comments. I had to stop watching also. They’re trying too hard. It’s YouTube not the food channel forget your notes and just do your thing. People don’t want to watch tv obviously they want to watch quick easy how to videos

  2. Mason jars, then put on cheese cloth loosely, then put on ring for jar and not center cap. Cheese Cloth Filter holder. Not my idea, saw in another video(don't remember who), just trying to assist. God Bless.

  3. I thought the woman asked great questions. I saw the comments and just thought I would say that I thought it was good. im here cause I have questions and I thought her questions lead to some good info. I feel like it was packed with stuff. and its 240f, not C.

  4. The butter (cocoa butter, Shea butter too) can be used as a suppository for the sick, elderly, and if you don't want to be high. You will still derive the amazing medicinal and healing benefits when inserting rectally. Just pour butter into suppository molds off Amazon and eBay.

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