Doctors believe teen's lung failure due to vaping l ABC News

Tryston Zohfeld, 17, was taken to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, with blockage in his lungs. READ MORE: #ABCNews …


  1. It is blackmarket/counterfeit THC cartridges that have bet cut with oils and Vitamin E Acetate. Vaping has been around for ten years and this is now happening? These supposed "victims" of vaping have not even vaped for very long and have questionable intelligence.

    They are vaping or smoking other things and are being dishonest for the sake of being the tobacco company's and MSM's little pawn. There are tons of morons out there putting stupid shit in their vapes. Take for example this errhm, very smart man vaping vegetable oil: @wDXQ

    Care for some Gatorade?: @5ZmI Cologne, yummy! @EZaA

    It is just natural selection I suppose.

    EDIT: Looks like fake news ABC censors links to other videos just search the keywords and watch this idiot.

  2. Everybody saying it's the synthetic Thc thats causing lung failure, and respiratory illness. But how do you know this to a be fact? How are you so sure it's really not just the ingredients in the vape juice?

  3. All these illnesses have absolutely nothing to do with vaping regular e-liquid found at a legit vape shop. It's the black market THC cartridges and all the extra additives that are causing this recent influx of deaths. I've been vaping regular vape juice for 6 years and no health problems! The media needs to start reporting the facts! One can vape different things; regular vape juice comprised of Propolyne Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and Nicotine is literally 95% safer than cigarettes. There are studies performed in the UK on it anyone can look up. Simple google search.

  4. No one has died from juuling because it’s so new.. no one died instantly from cigarettes either, it took many many years for them to find evidence cigarettes were bad for health and the same will go for juuling

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