1. Great video. Education is key. Personally I like a wet trim because all those tiny sugar leaves stick out. When they dry they tend to curl up and are harder to trim. While they are great for extracts, edibles etc. it is the stuff that harshes the smoke from what I find.

  2. Im really curious what was the difference between Dry Trimming and Wet Trimming other then the fact that one gets dried before you trim and the other is after? Is there any benefits to a wet trim compared to a dry trim?

  3. I am embraced to say my run dried in 3 days trimmed but on the stem. So far my very first run was my best. Not many mistakes. So since then….. one right after another. Cyanobacteria! Popped up and slimed everything!! Total loss!!! Entire summer and fall!! Trying to understand what I need to do. Did that and cranked back up! Ac too big. Had to install my old small one a 3rd time. Leaks used equipment and last user failed to tell me just why? He was selling his dirty, (didn't even clean it!) controller! By my 3rd!!! Flood!!!!' I replaced the top float switch and not a prob since!! Anyway. Mine is so small it dries in 3 days and is at 60% in a jar. I think perfect? Btw, I have not had one problem with this current one other than I figured out very quick I have my lights too close? So I am fixing that problem now but everything is going great!!

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