Double Dose Chocolate Marijuana Brownies (Strong Weed Brownies): Cannabasics #48

Welcome to Cannabasics, today we learn how to make Double Dose Chocolate Marijuana Brownies. Save 10% in the RuffHouse Smoke Shop with the code: …


  1. Well i used the base brownie recipe, didnt do the icing because the cannabutter i just made is by far the strongest ive done so far. Used a half ounce of good bud shake and trim and infused 2 sticks for 2 hours. Strained out the weed, then put back into the double boiler and added another stick of butter. Let it melt, then i added in another 7-10 grams of shake/sugar trim/kief and topped it off with some rosin chips. Let that infuse for 1 hour then added in the already used plant material from the 1st infusion then let it all infuse for 1 more hour, strained off the weed and back into a clean double boiler. Added another half stick of butter, let it melt, then put in about a quarter gram-half gram of rick simpson oil and just kept mixing for a good 10 mins. I decarbed all the weed before infusing, and infused at a low heat (tried to keep the bottom part from actually boiling since my double boiler is steel). The butter turned out BLACK. Its in the fridge now, i expect it will turn very rich dark green.

  2. These looked so good. Next time you are going to make them, try adding 2tbs of liquid espresso, for it will also kick the chocolate flavor way up. Or adding chopped nuts and chopped tart cherries.

  3. I made some of your brownies today. I used about 40 grams of buds in 500 grams of butter. 6.5 hours of simmering down.
    I followed your recipe and for the icing as well. It works great ! A friend and I had some and are still smsshed 22 hours later! !!. Thanks man !

  4. This dude makes everything so much more complicated then it usually take with all these expensive gadgets!!!! All you’ll need is some butter and a working stove a pot and a thing to stir the butter with every now and then that’s it oh and a cheese clothe or a strainer

  5. Yea thanks by telling people 350 degrees ypur essentually having everyone burn all the thc off their bud making thus video a tutorial on how to make really expensive brownies

  6. so if i put an ounce into 1 pound of butter will tha5t be stron or light or medium? like im trying to make a 12 inch squar brownie with each bite being like a 300mg edible so how much weed i needa put into this someone help this trial and error method is becoming expensive

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