EPILEPSY DIAGNOSIS | EEG RESULTS | CBD OIL? | Absence Seizure Aurora’s EEG results are in and we show you her absence seizure. Her being diagnosed …


  1. Hi, I love your videos and not sure if you started CBD or not, but I thought I would chime in with my experience.
    First of all, like you, I have never done any drugs at all, not even pot. Few people actually believe me, but that is the truth.
    A while back, I noticed that I haven't been able to concentrate at work as well as I used too. I decided to try CBD and found that no one could tell me what a reasonable dosage might be so I decided to take 3 drops a day for several weeks and I noticed my concentration was better at work. It was very slow to take effect, but it did slowly show up. I wondered if I could do even better so I went up to 4 drops twice a day for several weeks and noticed I was doing a little better. After several weeks of that, I went up to 8 drops twice a day for a few weeks. At that point, I noticed no difference so I went back to 4 drops twice a day and have stayed at that for around 9 months. It takes several weeks to make much of a difference and it starts to affect you very slowly. I personally, wouldn't make any decision to up the dosage or stop taking it for at least 2 months of use. Well, that is, unless you are SURE that the CBD is causing a negative side effect and you are sure it is the CBD.
    After taking the time to really read about CBD side effects for several weeks before I started, I have to say that I have never noticed any side effects at all. Some people may notice them, but I did not.
    One suggestion you might consider is for you or your husband to take CBD also so you can gauge your own experience with CBD. As far as dosage, I have no idea what is best for anybody and would look to a doctor-type person to lead you through that topic. I know that because your daughter is a small child, I wouldn't think she would need as much as an adult, but what do I know? Let the doctor-type person find the right regiment for you guys. If you go with CBD, I hope it all goes well.

  2. My sister went from having 30 seizures a month. She was put on cbd a year ago and has has 1 and I mean only 1 in a year. She is talking and walking now. Please please try for god sake it works.

  3. I haven't tried CBD oil myself, but from what I understand, it doesn't have TCH in it, or at least you can get CBD oil without TCH. TCH is the actual drug, the hallucinogenic, that people abuse. I know of people that use CBD ÷TCH and it has helped them manage pain without any side effects or addiction. Unfortunately, CBD oil is illegal where I live, but hopefully CBD ÷TCH can become legal and available (in more areas) to people who are suffering. I think if you can find the oil without TCH, especially if it's a certified product, your mind should be more at ease.

  4. Hi there. Pharmaceuticals are made with chemicals. CBD comes from a natural plant. I have a good friend who's son was having up to 47 seizures a day. They saught out Charlotte's Web. They started him on cbd oil and he went from having 47 to 3 a day. He was having multiple types of seizures. I hope this gives you some ease. Good luck I hope you choose to at least try the cbd. All the way from b.c. Canada

  5. I have a sister who is 5yrs older then me and my mom has told me that she used to get seizures when ever she had a fever when she was a child. My sister had a few kiddos and her 2 girls had the same happen to them. When it first happens it was terrifying seeing my little nieces go through that. I pray that youll find what she needs. You guys are wonderful!!

  6. I have tremors and the medicinal marijuana is the only thing that helped. I have 2 videos where I have tremors and the marijuana calmed it down. Charlotte's Web is amazing. I have had it and it helps me get through the day. I'm also allergic to most Drugs and Medicinal marijuana helps the best and I don't feel like crap after. Hugs to you all. Good luck. Might help her talk?!?!

  7. I woud highly recommend a brand that has third party batch testing. We switched to Plant therapy for CBD oil for that reason. I don't know about dosing for her age group. I wish you the best.

  8. This is completely unrelated but I work in a Nail Salon and we use CBD pedicure packs and so many people are frightened to use them but a lot of people has said positive things about the pedicure. It never got them high (a lot of people did not want the pedicure because they believed they would get high) but it helped calm them down and relieve pain they might feel in their legs or feet. It’s growing as one of the most popular pedicures we give!

  9. I just found your website here so I do not know how old this video is but I just wanted to help you out and let you know that there is a company called Nature's Ultra through Young Living who has pure CBD oil and I know it's pure because I am taking it and I can absolutely positively have none of the other thing of the CBD oil in my system I cannot ask to be zero and I have been tested several times with urine and blood test and it never showed up that I am taking CBD oil and that any of that other I can't ever remember which one it what it's called is in my system so if you have not found a company yet nature Ultra through Young Living is an excellent company

  10. Too me cannabis plant is a God make plant I believe God put this plant on earth so it could help people I do believe CBD oils help I don't use it but I do believe in it. My son has epilepsy he's in his 30s .

  11. I would totally consider it!!! CBD is so much better then all the drugs they put kids on! Definitely do research on brands. CBD has NO THC. Some has trace amounts but nothing that would harm her. Maybe try going to a dispo or something like one to get as much info as possible.

  12. i feel CBD oil is worth a try and if it doesnt help her then you dont need to continue it but you dont have anything to loose getting it properly prescribed by a doctor and giving it a try. 🙂

  13. I know there is a Epliplitic

    moniter which help those who has children / adults with Seizures and it will allert you that your child is having a Seizure. If you google. Epileptic moniters/ devices you can do resurch on this it. will possibly help. You and Your husband sleep through the night not having too be up worring about her. All night .Weather or not she is going too Have one or not. And if so it will alert the Both of you. That she is having one

  14. It’s really helped me. Also to help you feel more comfortable with it, CBD is not the same as weed. It’s perfectly safe. It’s like Cement and concrete they are referred to as the same but they are actually different, Concrete is comprised of two ingredients: aggregates and paste. The aggregates are sand, gravel, or stones and the paste is cement and water. Cement is a component of concrete. It’s the same with CBD vs Cannabis.

  15. You may not see this but check out Dr. Annette Bosworth (Dr. Boz) on YouTube. She has a LOT of scientific data on the Keto way of eating and it’s effect on the brain (her specialty). In one video she mentioned that when medicine would not work for epileptics back in the 50s ish, they put them on a Keto diet. As that generation passed away and autopsies were done on their brains, there were no longer signs of seizures. The brain had healed! Normally, brains from epileptics show a LOT of scar tissue. These brains had none of that. You can find her in Sioux Falls, SD.

  16. I am a CBD user for a different neurological condition. I am also a university chemistry student doing my senior research project chemically analyzing different CBD oils, because I was curious about what was actually in the oils I was taking. I have had the best experience with full spectrum oils, rather than isolates, because they produce the "entourage effect". That just means that all the trace amounts of THC and other terpenes help the CBD work better in the body, but still don't produce a "high". My favorite brands–based on personal use and actual lab results–are Extract Labs and St. Bernie's.

  17. I feel so much for your situation. My husband is a longtime marijuana user. He functions admirably and I suspect it helps him in ways that I don't even begin to understand(we suspect that he has ADD and know that he has dyslexia). I have been opposed from the beginning of our relationship but I loved him so I took it along with him. I think my opposition was because of teachings in school about how wrong it is. Decades of teaching isn't going to go away overnight for me or you. He jokes that I may need CBD oil for health issues someday. For myself, I won't consider it. But, my advice for you would be to do what you and your family thinks best for your family regardless of others' opinions. My understanding is that the CBD oil is just one compound that is extracted from the whole and contains no drugging properties. Whatever you decide, I hope that it helps Aurora, and gives you all peace of mind. Take care.

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