EXCLUSIVE | India’s first woman cannabis activist is also a Modi fan

Priya Mishra, the founder of ‘Hempvati’ is India’s first female cannabis activist and lobbyist. Priya was diagnosed with a severe form of tuberculosis which didn’t …


  1. ShivPriya – How can One Join this effort with you. I have grown up seen people in my village consume this as a tradition for Shivratri and my heart breaks to see how we have lost our heritage so disastrously. I am from Jammu……unable to gather how to connect with you..want to join, learn and contribute to this movement

  2. जो औषधी से पब्लिक का हेल्थ अच्छा हो वो प्रतिबंधित कर दी जाती है क्युकी लोग बिमार नहिं पडेंगे तो विदेशी दवाखाना और विदेशी दवाई कंपनी ओं को बंद करना पडेगा… विदेशी कंपनी के फंडो से चलती और नाचती है राजकीय पाटीँयाँ और नेता

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