Expect Fully Legal Weed Within 5 Years, Says Former Top Pharma Lobbyist & Congressman Billy Tauzin

Reason attended the Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition, and encountered Billy Tauzin, former conservative congressman from Louisiana, who …


  1. Blessing and a curse. You'll notice once it's legal big weed companies will control everything, including the price. You'll need a permit to grow, and to get weed you'll have to go to dispensaries. I'm ok with that

  2. this helps who? and how? this is absurd….why? pot does not pay for any of our tax problems……its like taxing air…why? oh because it gives them money. now they can pay for their retirement plans. fuck that! i should not fund government liabilities.

  3. I expect it to be fully legal 50 years — in the past, retroactively. Screw congress and the cowardly states. We should just take control of our own bodies now. It's OUR lives. We don't belong to those creeps.

  4. So now you fucking Yanks make marijuana legal and so it's ok. U can manufacture it and push drugs on other nations. Yet u destroyed countries of South America for 'illegal' drug trade. Why is that? Why is US marijuana ok and Columbian cocaine isn't. Why r the current American big pharma and marijuana barons reviled criminal drug Lords, but El Chapo or Escobar were. Fucking Western double standards.

  5. Mississippi is stuck in the mud about cannabis. There's no understanding, blatant disregard for simple decisions, and depression. I live in this (only thing to do is eat and compare) state. The SAME thing's happening here and you try to make the best of it but the no progress is down right depressing. Cannabis is needed here.


  6. Big Pharma will eventually push, or not counter legalization as long as they eventually control it through requiring a prescription and regulations allowing only certain entities to manufacture and process weed derivatives, just as how big pharma is the only ones making most prescription drugs now.

  7. The entire point of the pharmaceutical industry is to keep people not to sick to die. But sick enough to keep buying. So they ain't really looking for new medicines, cures, etc.

  8. So we're going to be a nation of stupid lazy people. Especially ppl under 25 are going to have their brains destroyed. I guess they figured we needed more dumb people in this country. We are going to get our asses handed to us internationally when all the top professions are filled by people who didn't do marijuana.

    Btw, i'm all for medical use for medical mj. But for the public it will erode and maybe destroy our nation.

  9. Funny how when Ron Paul was in congress one the last things he did was present a bill that would remove cannabis from the controlled substances list. Representative Lamar Smith was in charge of determining what was important enough to vote on- and did not think that was, so congress never voted on it. That year the biggest contributors to Lamar Smith was child companies of pharmaceutical giants that specializes in cancer treatment, and beer and liquor distributors.

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