Facebook's role in Brexit — and the threat to democracy | Carole Cadwalladr

In an unmissable talk, journalist Carole Cadwalladr digs into one of the most perplexing events in recent times: the UK’s super-close 2016 vote to leave the …


  1. 1:15 When she says funded by the European Union she is being disingenuous. ALL the money that the EU gives to the UK comes from the UK taxpayer.

    For example, the UK contribution to the EU budget in 2018 was £17.4 billion($22.6 billion USD), of this £4.2 billion is deducted due to the rebate. So the gross contribution was £13.2 billion. It then got back £4.3 billion in 'EU funding' for various regions and stuff(public sector) research grants, universities(private sector), etc. So the UK net contribution is £8.9 billion($11.7 billion USD). The £8.9 billion goes to other parts of the EU. Like I said, slightly disingenuous.
    Source: https://fullfact.org/europe/our-eu-membership-fee-55-million/

  2. great talk and very scary time to be alive in the uk… facebooks role in the diseminating info smearing corbyn and labour is absolutely shameful. I like how she finishes with take back control… yes we need to…

  3. Ya know….it is funny that Canada enacted "Unlawful Assembly" Laws after The G20 in Toronto where even Amnesty International Protested. Of course, a bunch came in with all the same hoodies started smashing police cars and store windows while the real protesters marched peacefully down the street. That is funny because they tried to place those "Unlawful Assembly" Laws here in The United States almost immediately afterwards which goes against our 1st Amendment here in The United States of America. Even those permits that towns and cities required long ago abridged people's right to peacefully assemble and protest. Of course, create havoc, and you have no more Ghandi, in which, the establishment doesn't want. Journalist huh? Maybe, she should read more books.

  4. Oh…Daniel Boone joined a militia and fought in The American Revolution. President John Quincy Adams was also a descendant of The British Royals. President Bush, according to The NY Times in 1988 as well as Ancestry Dot Com is also a descendant of The British Royals. Of course, I like President John Quincy Adams a lot more than I like Bush. John Quincy Adams wasn't a "Loyalist."

  5. Ya know…it is interesting that Lord Blackheath mentioned Lord Sassoon in The House of Lords while talking about a foundation he called "Foundation X" that lent $15 Trillion to The HSBC Bank, because a few years prior to that statement by Lord Blackheath, Lord James Meyer Sassoon along with Lord Baron Jacob Rothschild met with The H.E. Chinese Ambassador at The Chinese Embassy. People call Lord Sassoon, "The Rothschild of The East." Lord Sassoon is or was the chairman of The British Chinese Business Council. I wonder if that is linked to The HSBC Bank mentioned in The NY Times and Rolling Stones articles titled, "Too Big To Jail Banks?" Of course, Rep. Congressman James Traficant was censored and perhaps worse. Congressman Paul Findley was also censored as well as U.S. Admiral Thomas H. Moorer over what took place on The U.S.S. Liberty. Of course, mainstream media keeps erasing mainstream media News videos off YouTube on The 5 Dancing Israelis on 09/11/01. Of course, nobody talks about the date of September 11th, 2001 that is in the movie, "The Matrix" released in movie theaters in 1999 – 18min 20sec into the film under Neo's picture upside down in the binder placed on the desk during Agent Smith's Interrogation of Neo. Also, Israel's Demographics show that the population of Christians living in Israel is only 2% according to The Population Reference Bureau, PEW Research Center, and CIA's website. I wonder, "Who is anti-what?" Reminds me of Revelation 3:9 if you ask me.

  6. Oh….The Boone name was long ago known as 'de Bohun' as in Humphrey de Bohun, The 4th Earl of Hereford" according to The Boone Society. That means I'm a descendant of The British Royals and a descendant of a man burned at the stake by The British Royals, Edward Wightman (Encyclopedia), an Ana-Baptist burned at the stake by King James.

  7. Actually….she is completely wrong in saying that Facebook is on the wrong side of history. What if what took place during The American Revolution between "Separatists" vs "Loyalists" is still taking place today? I know you're all from Vancouver, BC. Well, I'm a direct descendant of Rev. George Wightman (Baptist Encyclopedia), brother of Rev. Valentine Wightman (Baptist Encyclopedia) who married Susannah Holmes, daughter of Mary Holmes, daughter of Mary Sayles, daughter of Roger Williams (Encyclopedia 1636) who was a Puritan, and Puritans on The Mayflower were also called "Separatists." Puritans, Baptists, Amish, along with many other denominations fall under Protestantism whom stood against The Church of England after The Reformation of Denominations. Of course, Roger Williams came out with The Separation of Church and State (Smithsonian). The Separation of Church & State transcended down into our 1st Amendment by Thomas Jefferson which was to prevent religious persecution like what happened to Martin Luther and Edward Wightman (Encyclopedia). Of course, Canada is supposed to be a sovereign nation separate from The British after Canada was supposed to become sovereign from The British in Charlottetown, P.E.I. in 1867. Of course, the last battle between France and The British was at The Battle of Waterloo in Belgium that U.S. General Mark Milley likes telling his cadets to remember at The ROTC at Norwich University while talking about "Little Green Men." Just 12 years after The Battle of Waterloo, they say that France became an ally of The British at The Battle of Navarino or was that perhaps due to Nathaniel Rothschild as depicted in that 20th Century Fox Movie from 1934 called "The House of Rothschild?

    Of course, it is in The Canadian Encyclopedia that Prince Edward Island didn't even sign Canada's Confederation until 1873. Quebec's Sovereignty Movement to Separate from the rest of Canada formed through Parti Quebecois and Bloc Quebecois in the late 1960s. Basically, Quebec claimed that The French wasn't present to sign Canada's Confederation in 1867. Of course, why would they after losing their country along with Canada to The British? Of course, through Battlefields Org, if it weren't for The French supplying muntions to "Separatists" during The American Revolution, our U.S. Founding Fathers would have never won The American Revolution. People in Quebec call Canada's Constitution a "Myth" due to The Treaty of Paris in 1763 after The Battle of Quebec in 1759 when The French lost to The British in Canada. Of course, The Battle of Waterloo was in 1815 when France lost to The British. The British also burned down The White House during The War of 1812. There was also The Aroostook War in 1838-9 in Aroostook County, ME. Of course, Canada was to become a sovereign nation in 1867. Are they? The Bank of Canada is a Crown Corporation controlled by The Crown of Canada, and The Queen of England sits on The Crown of Canada. "All Symbolic," they claim. However, Reddit shared a video article of a Canadian Constitutional Lawyer who tried to bring The Rothschild & Sons Company along with The Queen of England for trying to buy out The Bank of Canada. Funny how CBS's Show, Supergirl, downplayed Reddit as a reliable source after that happened when Supergirl became a reporter for Catco in their television show filmed in Canada.

    Of course, Nathaniel Rothschild depicted in that 20th Century Fox film from 1934 starring George Arliss, was the son of Mayer Amschel Rothschild & brother of James Rothschild who ran a bank in France who supported Napoleon at the same time that Nathaniel Rothschild supported The British. It is mentioned in The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 10, published in 1906, pp. 490 that Mayer Amschel Rothschild was an agent of Prince William Landgrave IX of Hesse Cassel (sometimes spelled with a "K") who funded British Troops against The American Revolution. Also, in The Journals of The House of Commons published by The Parliament of Great Britain in 1803, Prince William Landgrave IX of Hesse Kassel out of Germany married Princess Mary, the daughter of King George II from Great Britain. Of course, you do remember that our U.S. Founding Fathers fought against King George III during The American Revolution? Prince William Landgrave IX's father, also funded German Troops against The American Revolution. The Royal Marriage Act of 1772 is mentioned through History Dot Com under the titled, "How Queen Victoria’s Matchmaking Helped Cause World War I." and the following is a quote from that article: "Victoria had nine children and 42 grandchildren. Eventually, seven of them sat on European thrones in Russia, Greece, Romania, Britain, Germany, Spain and Norway—and all would take sides during World War I with disastrous consequences."

    The Rothschild Banking Barons worked their way back into The United States through August Belmont. (August Belmont – Encyclopedia Britannica). August Belmont promoted Salmon P. Chase who later helped establish The National Banking Act of 1863. I read that Salmon P. Chase became upset over the accusations made against Simon Wolf, Abe Lincoln's Jewish Attorney, whom was threatened with arrest by a U.S. Colonel Baker from The U.S. War Department. There are books on that, and The Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington also reported on those accusations made against Simon Wolf as well. There are also books on Simon Wolf & The Rothschild Banking Barons. Maybe, you should read G. Edward Griffin's book on Jekyll Island. Glen Beck tried to interview G. Edward Griffin on FOX News when he also mentioned The Rothschild name. However, they don't mention The Rothschild name on The Federal Reserve History Org website in regards to Jekyll Island, but they do mention Paul Warburg. There are books on Jacob Schiff & The Rothschilds as well as books on Jacob Schiff & The Rothschilds through Google Books. One of those books is from Harvard University Press. Of course, our U.S. Federal Reserve Act was signed on December 23rd, 1913, two days before Christmas and two months after The (ADL) Anti-Defamation League was formed. Of course, that was also one year before WWI broke out. Also, George Peabody did receive huge British Loans after The Civil War ended before working with Julius Spencer Morgan to form J.P. Morgan & Company known today as J.P. Morgan & Chase.

    Also, President Jimmy Carter wrote about Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild who signed The Balfour Declaration of November, 1917 through his book, "Palestine Peace Not Apartheid" which led to the re-establishment of Israel in 1948. The Balfour Declaration of November, 1917 is also mentioned through The Encyclopedia Britannica. Lord Baron Jacob Rothschild gave an interview on YouTube about his family's involvement in restoring Israel in Palestine in 1948. Baron Jacob Rothschild was a Lord in The House of Lords. Also, Forbes Magazine reported on Trump's right hand man, Wilbur Ross, who worked for The Rothschild Banking Barons out of New York. The L.A. Times reported that Wilbur Ross bailed Trump out of debt. The NY Times reported that Baroness Lynn Forester de Rothschild funded Hillary Clinton and Sen. John McCain's Campaigns. Ya know…we have this law here in The United States… 52 U.S. Code § 30121. Contributions and Donations by Foreign Nationals which was set in place to prevent foreign campaign contributions whether direct or indirect which was done away with. Funny that Trump re-enacted that law after he was bailed out of debt.

    Wrong side of history huh? Whose history? Loyalists or Separatists? Should I mention more, because it is mentioned in The Jewish Encyclopedia Online under "Zionism" that The Rothschild Banking Baron Family set out to restore The Kingdom of Judah back in 1847. Of course, Winston Churchill and The Rothschilds as well as Winston Churchill's father, Randolph Churchill, The Rothschilds, and Chaim Weizmann put all that into motion. Of course, pulling the wool over everyone's eyes only works on a few people. Not everyone!!! Should I name my all my ancestors from my mom to everyone before The American Revolution? Of course, Rev. George Wightman who married Elizabeth Updyke had a son Rev. John Wightman who married Jane Bentley. John and Jane's daughter, Mary Wightman, married Capt. Samuel Boone Jr. who was elected as a captain through The North Kingstown Company out of Rhode Island. In 1776, Capt. Samuel Boone Jr. was labeled as a Loyalist after he refused to allow his sons to join a militia in The American Revolution. General William West was responsible for weeding out Loyalists in The State of Rhode Island during The American Revolution that stripped Capt. Samuel Boone Jr. of his title, place of birth, and 600 acre lot in Exeter, Rhode Island. Capt. Samuel Boone Jr. fled to New Brunswick, Canada along with 50,000 to 70,000 other Loyalists along with his siblings and sibling's wives like William Boone who married Ruth Hill whom were both born in North Kingstown, RI and lived out the remainder of their lives in Burtts Corner, NB, and their children moved to Geary, NB where my mom was later born. Captain Samuel Boone Jr. was buried in Lancaster, NB. Reverend Valentine Wightman was buried in The Wightman Cemetery in Groton, CT near The U.S. Naval Submarine Base where they give tours on The U.S.S. Nautilus. Mary (Boone) Wightman never did see her husband or children ever again due to The American Revolution. Mary died on The Boone Lot next to Boone Lake in Exeter, Rhode Island. Capt. Samuel Boone Jr.'s sister, Hannah Boone, was married to Capt. Samuel Rhodes also elected Captain through The North Kingstown Company before The American Revolution broke out.

  8. Facebook is bad. Well done, you nutcase. She clearly wasn't walking around Luton, or Birmingham, or London, or Sheffield, and she certianly wasn't doing it at night, or alone, that's for sure. You can thank the EU for that too. Another "blessing" we didn't get a chance to vote for, along with the rape gangs and a police force who arrest you for complaining about a crime. Utter nonsense as usual from TED, the cult that literally promotes pedophilia. By the way, Hail Boris!

  9. She talks about facebook/social media influence on "lies" about Brexit.
    Irregardless, I don't want my life being directed by appointed politicians (not chosen by the people) sitting in another country, PERIOD.

  10. Yes this is a viable point to raise, however is nobody realising the issue with this? The main demographic of users on Facebook are younger – around 20 – 35. The main demographic that voted leave were alot older, so they can't have been impacted by social media. Therefore its impossible to say that Facebook was the sole reason for Brexit surely?

  11. You see, the liberals will never understand. The conservatives can't be bought off. No doubt, joining the EU has some benefits, but losing borders, having laws changed right under their noses, and being told lies and falsehoods from liberal papers and news outlets all claiming everything's well. Blame all you want, but the folks of Britten don't want to loose their country with open borders. Hey BTW, no one's been indicted. Yea, the EU has great benefits, but not at the cost of their country.

  12. I HAVE DISCOUGHT FROM CREATURES THAT SAY BELIEVE IN GOD! I prefer the Atheists! I WILL NEVER SEE ONE ATTEA KILL OTHER NAME OF ATHEISM. But I will see those who believe in God kill those who believe in Him.

  13. It's so funny, people like her never say a word when they are winning…but when they lose everything is lost and must be destroyed. She sounded most mad" we must take back control" clearing because you arent in control of everyone anymore and you are scared, and how can you even stand there with a straight face and say because aren't smart enough to make up their on minds? That is EXACTLY why people are doing what they are doing. You are the problem. I know all of you will have plenty to say about me, but I dont care what you think, and i refuse to let snobbish people like her or you tell me how to think.

  14. Yet more sour grapes from the "I just can't believe that Remain lost" brigade.

    A few REAL facts:

    -The UK Government spent £7m on pro EU propaganda leaflets for every household
    – Remain had access to a database of 40m electors. Leave, by contrast, had no such access.
    – Remain had "project fear" on its side with threats ranging from instant mass unemployment and a house price crash to try to scare people into voting remain
    – Remain had the CBI, IoD, 70% of MP's the Government, big business, pressure groups and the rich elites on their side
    – Remain had twice the funding of Remain

    Remain STILL LOST by a margin of 1,300,000 votes!

  15. Some perspective is necessary here. First of all, UK hasn't left EU yet, 3 a half years after voting leave. 3 and a half years of delay after delay after asking for more time. Second. A small part of the census did not decide to leave. That's a lie. Plus half voters decided to leave. And reducing them to a bunch of paranoid delirium on inmigration crazy people is another lie. UK overshoot the mark when they were playing heavy on EU requirements of compromise with the Union and its regulations. Non tax territories, freedom of circulation, economic convergency, monetary policy… And now UK doesn't want to face the consequences to their actions. They want to vote again or annule 2016 votation or do nothing and stand still the way we are now ¿forever? And we, on the other side, are getting a little tired. EU has to go forward. We have to grow, but to Albania, not to Turkey. We have to expand the euro, to Croacia and try to convince swedish as well. We have to face tax regulation for big companies, etc. But we are still stucked since 2016 in Brexit, and i'm less sure of Brexit as something that is going to happen with every passing day.

  16. what about the media? Has their opinions not been an influencers over the decades. Doesn't her journal spread lies to fit their narrative?This talk was just nonsense attack on FB because social media does not fit their narrative and is disrobing traditional media of their power.

  17. Zuck and everyone else involved MUST be arrested! PERIOD! As well…FB steals personal photographs and videos so we whose videos and photo's have disappeared, need to sue FB for stealing personal property. Doesn't matter the fine print on FB…FB is gross now. I stay on it just to stay connected to people I now know. Am getting their email addresses now and moving to another social media platform.

  18. There's no difference between Brexit and what's happening here in Brazil or South America. But the enemies are not the immigrants ( they don't want to live here). The enemy is the black poor person or left-side politicians/supporters. Same tactics using the fear and hate. I wonder how smart people believe in all that stupid and poor speech. Looks like this video has some answers.

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