Fake Brass Knuckles Cartrdiges: How You Tell The Difference

The hardware was the most clear indicator it was a fake Brass Knuckles cartridge. Also make sure to scan the Snapchat on the package. If that goes to a …


  1. I'm getting these in NY, $50 for a gram cart. They have the seal at the bottom and also 2 more small ones on either side at the top above the little clips on the case.
    They also have plastic washers rather than metal under the mouthpiece, so I have a dilemma here. I NEED to know.
    I have copd and went to vapes because pipes and bongs were clogging my chest up. These seem to work well for me, although I've bought some 1/2 gram Savage carts that come in little tear to open packages that really congest me. I've since left them alone.
    Coughing up soggy phlegm softballs is not my idea of a good morning.

  2. Someone I know has been using the fake one, half is gone, just told him its a fake(Has the plastic ring you point out). Shit taste like NYC car exhaust which is why I am here, great vid, thanks.

  3. So your saying there's 2 labels one on the front and the back why not show it before you open it…. Please cause videos can be misleadingfrom the beginning of you opening it up taking both seals off and also taking off green locator sticker making it 3 stickers to remove

  4. I think I got a fake… I have pics of both carts. I made them come back and send me a new one. Almost the same exact bullshit cart. I'm kinda pissed. I trust this online place but now this shit is bugging me. The rest of their shit is fine. This Brass Knuckles crap looks not good. How can I send them? They might not be the best pics.

  5. I appreciate your video man but you'd be surprised here in LA theres so many shops in competition supply and demand well to the point I baught a fake one as describe real in this video

  6. My shit has the little plastic thingy but fuck it i use to do coke this shit wont be that bad and i only use it like once a week couple puffs haha i usually puff on tree 🌳

  7. can you provide details on the fakes like what is the difference between the fakes and real? I been buying these for the past few months and after watching your video I just realized that I been buying fake shit all along. Please provide clarity for us who have been scammed like this

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