1. I'm so proud of Phil. How random is it to save someone's life after you meet them at a truck stop and having a friendly conversation. You never know who you effect and inspire just by being kind.

  2. I enjoyed this so much Joe!! It's wonderful what you're doing. Today is 12/14/19. I've gained 50 lbs. In 10 months. I was 132 for a long time but I am also known to binge for a few months and then, I'd just start eating grilled chicken salads everyday and pop some vitamins and I had no problem losing it. Now, this yo-yo dieting, is getting harder. I find I cannot easily reduce my sugar intake. I now eat a whole pie in a day and also, have my regular, fattening meals. I'm 63 y.o. now so if I don't change this vicious cycle, I'll be dead real soon. My cholesterol is through the roof. For my sister and I, it's almost heredity that keeps our cholesterol high but I know food intake also has a lot to do with it. So, Joe, thanks for making this video. I always knew about portion control, beans, fruits vegetables, the whole food wheel. Luckily, I LOVE Vegetables, I love juices, I love beans, and fruit. Today, I start my binge losing. I wanna see if I could lose the 50 lbs. In 10 months or less. I think I can do it again. Also, I loved the animation, especially the tombstone of "big, fat Joe". I laughed my way through the whole video. Aussies have great, funny personalities. Love those Aussies and love you Joe. Thx for everything!! Really……..and you really are a piece of Aussie Eye Candy!!! Gorgeous.🤗😵🤭😝👀👀👀……and Phil, all I can say is WOW!! Now you are healthier, and looking great. Heart attacks can and do happen. I know you were tired of being sick and tired. Congratulations on your new life. What happened to Bear was truly a wake up call. I hope he's well as of 12/15/19. Great work guys.🤗😵😣😁😍😍😍😍

  3. This documentary is of the best of the few good one I have ever watched. I will for sure to add this into my diet. One of the best deeds is doing what Joe & Phil did. And that is helping saving lives. I remembered how good it was when I tried one week on just having one large glass of veggies juice.

  4. All the support to you. PEOPLE who are not obese or have any ailments just understand what we go through. Even when your done fasting NYC has plenty of ethnic restaurants where you order vegetables ITALIAN , where you can order a vegetable salad with no dressing. Indian restaurants have an array of vegetables and spice them well. Chinese restaurants can order steamed vegetables
    The worst thing an obese person can.ingest is HIGHJ FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP
    GLUTEN FOR SOME FOLKS with celiac disease

  5. Joe, you are promoting a lethal, toxic diet. You're temporary success was due primarily to fructose, which I find retards appetite. Just remember, all those fat cells are still there . One slip and they balloon back up. Frankly, if you continue with leafy greens you'll die from clotting. I'm done.

  6. I wish I bumped into you when you were in the U.S.
    I'm a Diabetic, Sugars way out of Control & I'm on meds & Insulin . OMG !! I have Alligator Skin Sooo Dry . I Wish I had the Money to buy a Good Juicer & Money for All the Veggies . My Dr. Wants me to get the Gastric sleeve done . Joe if you Ever return to the U.S. HELP ME !!
    I'm so scared of ending back in Hosp. for 2 months again . For real Thank You for Your Video .😎

  7. I've struggled with my weight since I was a kid and the problem is fruits and veggies (organic) costs way too much. Now fruits and veggies are GMO which isn't even healthy for you but I still want to make a change that I can afford and it really is hard so I bought a Vitamix blender to help me on my journey.

  8. I lost 40 lbs. in 6 months doing keto now , carnivore going to lose another 20 lbs. after the first of the year.Will put me at 200 lbs. at 5' 11". Feel great lots of energy sleep like a baby.

  9. The same thing that was always healthy is still healthy. That has not changed. People have become EXTREMELY overweight. It's because they stopped eating what was healthy, & stopped being nearly as active. In the 80's in school, there was one fat person, & they weren't NEARLY as fat as people are today. Now every other person seems to be at least as big as the fat kid in the 80's. The people that still eat right, & get exercise are still lean, & fit. It has not changed. What has changed is people's habits. All of these new approaches, & diets are just silly to me. I'm not going to approach it from the standpoint of overweight people trying to get healthy. I continue to approach it the same way I did in the 80's. Eat proper diet, & exercise. No need to be fat, or engage in trendy diets. What has ALWAYS worked is all that is necessary.
    If a person is fat, we know why that is. It's not a mystery. The only mystery is why people do that to themselves. Now get to work.

  10. Come to Florida and I would fast with you. I was always skinny…teen…skinny…
    underweight…then came young adult…after babies=20s some weight gain… 30s became a fitness junkie but ate what I wanted…40s had my last and worked until the last was born…carrying some weight. Then change of career…up down. Car accident 2015 pain sedentary lifestyle. 60s… I'm ready to juice. I lost 20 lbs after last hospitalization. Now what? Please help.

  11. Try moderation and exercise.
    I eat what I want. I'm 61, 5 foot 8, 164 lbs. I have zero health problems.
    Let me say this once. If ts not on the list of forbidden foods, I dont eat it.
    The only time I watch what I eat is from the plate, and as it passes under my nose on the way into my mouth.

  12. Juicers are a better alternative to junk food, but Juicers are not the healthiest option either. You are merely squeezing all the sugary liquid from the vegetables and fruits and leaving all the fiber behind, why not just eat them instead and drink water?

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