Federal-State Fight Over Cannabis Legalization Likely to End, Akerna CEO Says

Jun.21 — Jessica Billingsley, Akerna chief executive officer, discusses the company’s initial public offering and the prospects for the legalization of marijuana in …


  1. States just want it stay federally illegal so they can make all the tax money just like the states that have marujuana laws I live in cali and the weed out here from stores are dry old and stale cali marijuana is boof????

  2. This is just a commercial for her company. Thats why these types of peopls disgust me, they rip the substance and guts out of everything to sell a marketable version which erodes the entire initial point. Communists do simmilar types of things, so contrived.

  3. So sad it should be Legal. You will put an end to the Opioid Epidemic, congressmen, Doctors and other affiliates from pocketing money on the deaths of people struggling with pain. I would love to quit taking my anxiety medicine and I forgot mine in 2016 when staying in Colorado. I was getting dizzy and went to a recreational and it stopped.
    Just think at the State and Federal level. We could get schools, roads and pay our Teachers.. My friend who was a policeman was hurt in a riot that wasl happned years ago. This wonderful man struggled with neck pain and headaches 24/7. This year in May he committed suicide. If he had surgery he could die or become paralyzed. Again he shows to end his life and was not a drug user. I saw first hand from my mother battling bone cancer and could not function with the pain. Dr. said it was like termites eating on wood. Low dose morphine and loratabs pills did nothing to alleviate the pain and Mr precious mother lost so much muscle mass and rocked back and forth constantly. So please don't think about the millions you, Doctors and Pharmacy Corporations are making to be millionaires off the lives of people that trust you and die cause of YOU!!

  4. Now is the time for cannabis people to stand up for themselves and call out these corrupt laws on what the harmful policies they are. Cant be all stony and nice now, have to take it on with grit. Once the cannabis people get mad at what happened, then it will be all fine. Cannabis people are kind at nature but are highly adaptive creatures, we will prevail successfully on all accounts. Now is the time to get mad at this shit and not let these idiots push us over just because they are jerks… Time for us to be jerks back to those idiots who did this.

  5. When it comes to legalization of Cannabis. The question for lawmakers shouldn’t be “why should we legalize it”. The question should be “why is it illegal in the first place”. Only then will we finally legalize it on a federal level

  6. These federal/state conflicts needs to change SOON! I’m unable to use cannabis for my pain because my employer follows “federal laws” not state laws. I live in Washington state where Cannabis is both legal recreationally and medically. FRUSTRATING!!!

  7. Jessica Billingsley You should technically wait on that IPO until it's federally legal since the United States government could technically charge your auxiliary tech company with conspiring to help transact in a control one on par with heroin.

  8. Who the FUCK think 5g heroine and 5g of marijuana is same in hi-school. BIEEETCH?!?!??!
    Or leaving BIEEETCH FUCK interpretation to (corrupted) judge? … spaceforyour expression unprejudice

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