1. Why is medical marijuana so expensive here in Florida. It’s half the price in California. You can get a 1000mg brownie for $45 or a 1200mg VVS flavored syrup for $60

  2. This shit seems like a dictatorship. These clinics and Dr's milking everyone and taking advantage. Can't wait till it becomes recreational everywhere. I didn't even know they cap people as they please. I was thinking everyone has a set limit and it's the same for everyone. Now I have to research some more

  3. That's just not much information at all about the allowances and how the math works.
    There are different ingestion methods that you can put your allowances under but I always find myself very different with my math than what they say their math is.
    too many different categories and different allowances and that's why it's confusing.
    how do I know how much I can get before I get it?
    How do I know how much I can get without running out of my allowance before the end of the month?
    and I don't see you talking about any of these different categories of allowance or how to understand these allowances or how they cross over and how you can use them.
    I'm still just as confused about my allowances in the math of my limits.
    this video is fairly unrelated to the limits stated in the description.

  4. i have the florida mj medical card since they started and highly disappointed. the doctor bill is $300 every 8 weeks. the dispensary quality is low and the variety is very limited. you can find much better quality and variety in the neighborhood……..and that comes from colo., wash., or……..

  5. Omg your voice is amazing to listen to! Your mic is so crisp! A question I would like to know is how dispensaries work in Florida? I just moved from a legalized recreational state To Florida and I’m considering my MMJ card. I’m used to going in like counter shop and you get to see everything. Flower, shatter, moon rocks, and they listed all the information about what you were smoking down to a science. Can we order from other legal states being an MMJ in the state of Florida? Meaning can I order from Colorado and deliver from other states?

  6. Please update since the new Governor takes over and said he is not interested in keeping the cannabis fights going that Rick Scott had for fuckn over the people who voted πŸ˜ŽπŸ’¨ Free the cannabis FLORIDA πŸ‘ πŸ’šπŸ™

  7. It sucks they gave me only 5000 and I can't afford more fees so I'm stuck atm glad that I just get a few disposable pens and call it a day l.if I need extra I just go to random people in the hood and get 7g of diesel for 50 so oh well but hopefully the prices and limits change

  8. Really great info, Josh! Don't laugh about the refrigerator storage. πŸ˜‰ I can see how it could be a misconception for newbies. Looking forward to your bake video. <grin> I will also want to see the different devices needed for things like shatter if that's something even worth getting. Also please know that the regular box mods have a lot more power than a pen and can destroy your cartridge's atomizer if the setting is too high. Ask me how I know. :-/ Speaking of which is there a good way to use what's left inside a cartridge that no longer works because it's broken? Thanks again!

  9. Great video I went to dr. Green relief and they seemed very nice but when I asked about the 14,000mg they acted like they never heard of that much being recommended but they told me they would give me the max but when I left and looked online the doctor only put 8,500mg lucky I only care about the concentrate and you can put certain concentrates on the oral or inhalation (smokable) form so you can get a total of 17,000mg as long as its the distillate form which is both edible or vapable I went with them because the first visit was 200 but only 99 after that docmj is 169 but when you renew it's still 169 I'm probably not going to ask for more until I see her in 7 months because I doubt I can afford that much concentrate every month so there is no point I hope prices come down flower gets legalized and you're able to grow in your own home

  10. Great video man! You made it super simple for new patients/out-of-state transfers to understand our super frustrating mg allotment system. Glad you emphasized that FL is like the wild west when it comes to the actual assignment of dosing since I was one of the unlucky that had to transfer (Started with the scammers at Miracle leaf and Transferred to MMTC) to another doctor only one week into my first recommendation as it was so absurdly low. You should definitely churn out more cooking videos and how-to videos in general. Your format on the medicated cookies with distillate video was visually easy to understand and to the point! You could definitely talk about the finished product and its effects after you show the how to!

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