Flow Talks: Cannabis as a Catalyst for Change

We hosted our inaugural thought leadership conference “Cannabis as a Catalyst for Change” September 22-23, 2019 to bring together an intimately-curated set …


  1. Flow kana Institute is Finally Unmasking The Truth Behind The So Many Years of Calling This Most Healthy Plant; A Drug? Which It is Not; It Is Being Proven and Researched By Professionals Under The Keen Eye of The Institute Itself; on an Ongoing Scientific Basis.!!! Best wishes and regards to You & All. – Peace and Lots of Love For Such a Hard Job; "Magnificaly Done" – Eitan.- (*Canada.)

  2. Just Amazingly Wonderful; Wish I was there to hear such high quality speakers.- "Flow kana": You're the very best without a doubt; your hard works are and have been paying off to Humanity Itself.!!! – "Huge Congratulations to You All" – Beginning With The Vision of Flow kana's CEO & CFO. "Keep it Up" It is just AMAZING all you Have Achieved So Far;. – The Future Should Only Be In "More Achievements and More Enlightenment" of "True Knowledge." – Eitan – (*Canada.)

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