1. Flushing isn't really even a thing. If you stop feeding when flower growth has started to decline like you're supposed to you can stop calling it flushing and call it what it is… Watering.

    Flushing aids are complete bullshit. Once something is in your plant you're not going to get it back out and it'll either naturally degrade in the time before you set alight to it or it won't. Adding things to the roots won't do shit as very little if anything can be drawn out that way. What little can be pulled out will come from the roots not the buds because water flow is upwards not downwards. Flushing aids are inevitably sold by the same people who sell overpriced tomato feed with a cannabis leaf or the word "Dutch" on the label and then encourage people to use way too much of it. Over-feeding causes bad tasting weed (amongst other things) so the answer is of course… Don't over feed.

    Underfeeding is easy to spot and easy to correct in the space of a few days. Overfeeding is harder to spot and by the time you do spot it the damage is done and you've buggered up your grow.

  2. Sup Lex I'm a subscriber & big fan, I just had a question about Flushing is there such a thing as over Flushing what happens when you flush it for too long does the plant loses its potency???

  3. Ah good man not a fucking salesmen like some of the others trying to feed you bullshit that you should add these nutes to your plant while flushing blah blah buy them make me my money…

  4. Very educational as always buddy am at tht stage at moment buddy n a ushally do a 14days plus flush a jst cutt ma canna nuts off abt going on 7th wk and jst ph water till dne buddy ill put a canna flushing agent in at last few majour flush buddy✌✌✌💚

  5. I had 3 different strains this harvest, by chance. I fed them the same amount of nutrients, watered the same time etc and flushed with florakleen.. two of the strains tastes really good, but the lemon haze tastes awful. I'm wondering if some strains don't use certain nutrients well, or not processed at the same rate? I think the trick is to work with the strains you have and try to perfect it. Work within the guidelines, but take note on how they respond and work with it. Also, I can't find bud as good as I can grow, Lex. It's 100% because of this channel.

    ps. B-Real was impressed with vancouver bud at the 420. Way to make us proud

  6. Hey lex could you please be a lil more specific with the flushing process.
    Do we water plants as normal (when theyre dry) but with say 40, 50 litres of water each flush? And do we repeat that process throughout the week/2 week period?
    Cheers dude a reply would be much appreciated!!

  7. Hi, Lex, I need some good solid advise…. so I come to you! I'm growing for the 1st time! I have 2 Auto Flowers which are about 25 days old.. I've been using the VEG light switch on my 600W LED at 32". My LED has 2 switches a VEG & a BLOOM….. with Auto's can I run both from START to the END ? I run the light 18/6. Today as stated I turned on the BLOOM switch. Please let me know what you think. I was thinking being a Auto Flower (both switches on, start to finish). Please let me know. Keep the quality Videos and Info coming.

  8. i disagree with your days i believe you need 10 days min with soil as the medium usually locks away more nutrients then say coco
    with hydro 10 days max as will lose Turpinens and weed will taste plain 7 days absolute min
    but each to there own

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