1. 4:53 – homeostasis comes out of all that "rebellious " post to pre synaptic signalling… it is how the cell maintains homeostasis pressure upon the void of nothing… a way to identify intracellular space with the extracellular matrix as it were

  2. 2:47 direct results of cannabis eliminating cancer ( no anecdotal) is how those plant created biological ligands actively express on humans cannabinoid receptors located on trillions of humans cells… the purpose of the cannbinoids @ the moment of expression is to maintain a state of homeostasis for the organism . they serve to down regulate cell function, this function eliminates cancers from the body… endocannabinoid system is humans cancer defense system

  3. Been a big fan of foundation training for a long time now. Nothing beats doing some founders in the morning when I wake up! It’s good to see you take some interest in this subject. I look forward to seeing how this controversial subject unfolds especially with your support. Thank you as always doctor 🙂

  4. Hi Eric, does this relate to talk of DMT release doing the Wim Hof method. Lots of people doing it talk about their cannabis use or how the Whm releases Dmt.

    I have always been against drug use from a health perspective, so find it strange and off putting but seems I am missing something?
    Sorry I know nothing about this and will do research but as I have done FT and Whm courses find it interesting there is an overlap, hence the question!

  5. Hi FT! Thanks for sharing, I've heard about this sort of stuff, but like you allude to it doesn't always come from the most reputable sources and it can be pretty easy to dismiss. I've had similar experiences to those you describe.

    So I'm not just googling blindly, not yet having the knowledge base to properly evaluate sources, can you share any links for further reading, particularly how I can better 'feed' my endocannabinoid system with a better diet. Philosophically, is it more important to 'avoid poison' or 'eat good stuff'?

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