(FREE) Lil Baby Type Beat – "Had To Grow Up" | Free Type Beat | Rap/Trap Instrumental 2019

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  1. Yeah I know all about that pain
    We are not the same X2 no stay in your lane, money don’t fix everything like erase the pain that’s stuck inside my brain
    Feel I like I overdosed i can’t feel a thing
    My bitch like the coke she got it on her face
    And if I catch you lackin i won’t leave a trace
    30 on my neck yeah uno dose trace
    And every time I look down designer on my waist

    Imma get this money nothin gonna
    Ever stop me
    Not gonna stop till my heart stops pumpin
    Everybody tough till a nigga gets too bustin
    Put Purple in my cup no robotussin

    Where you when I was down at bottom
    I was trappin by my lonely going too bed hungry, mama I just wanna say I’m sorry I swear ima get big and ima give you all this money

    I just want the new shoes, new whips,
    Told me imma be nothin so imma show em turn nothin into sumthin

    Drippin with this jewelry ion need security

  2. Forgive me for my wrongs
    Remember when I’m gone
    Don’t dismiss me for a fool
    I’m not the person I’ve become

    I done gave it all just to see her smile
    I’m talking about my mother
    I ain’t seen in her in a while
    Waiting on the clock just so I can dial
    I’m on the other side and it’s hard to reconcile
    A lot of conversation Lost in translation
    Meanwhile I’m with my dawgs caught up in vocation
    I seen my people dying due to Genocide
    Black on black crime murder homicide
    Having violent dreams I’m swept from under neath
    Tryna talk to God can’t hear me from beneath
    And I be getting faded just to feel some peace
    Alone in my room with no one here to speak
    Do good or do evil it’s getting harder to breath
    oh God please help me tossing turning in my sheets
    Alone in the nigh the Hennessy to ride
    So many memories of feeling like I dead
    Checking for my heart there’s nothing left inside
    The point of no return I think I’m reaching
    My presidents are dead there’s no impeaching that
    Lost in the process of than be the best
    Person I can be But I always feel less than what you expect of me

  3. Had to grow up in the hood
    Who ever knew it was for the good
    Now I make money and it's all good
    No longer have to jugg
    No longer shed tears and blood
    Fuck with me I'm from the gutter
    Lost my father my mother and my lover
    All I can say is fuck undercovers
    This pain won't keep me from going under
    At night I stare at the stars and I wonder
    I know I cant be here forever
    Oh lord forgive me for my sins
    Protect my family and my friends
    You can keep the fucking benz
    And all the Benjamin's
    Really when it comes down to it
    You a bunch of clowns and I knew it
    I stay on that fucking true shit
    Y'all are just a neusens

  4. By the 10 I sold my first rock I left porch early /Google me by 21 I touched my first birdy / hustle hand sturdy goons stay lurking/"I'm florida!" We even blow the loud pack dirty/ an I been had a drake for young money / have my shooter off shooter off the plug if he talk funny

  5. I’ve came along way since back in the day in tha room counting my pesos muncho Demerol kill all y’all like the hunger games call me mockingjay I’m like saw saw y’all want smoke get tha choppa and let it bang got so much money it’s hard to maintain don’t trust nobody y’all a snitch ain’t strange how friends Change this a cut throat industry when I go big I want at least couple million kids to envy me I just come up with this stuff off my I ain’t rlly in tha streets I just like to hop on a fresh beet when u get big ima help everyone in need

  6. Eu tive que crescer mudar minha mentalidade
    Muita gente falsa o que eu vejo nessa cidade
    Sempre do meu lado os amigos de verdade
    So quero fazer din ficar rico com humildade

    Eu nao ligo se voce nao me quer mais
    Eu to fazendo dinheiro pra mim isso tanto faz
    O meu foco é só um e você ficou pra tras
    Vou subir pro topo e eu nao desço nunca mais

  7. fuck dad กูพร้อมชู ไอ้พวกที่ไม่ทำ กูฟัคยู
    พวกมึงนี่มันดีแต่ปาก ไอ้พวกหมาบ้านแต่พวกกูนั้นหมาป่า
    กูไล่ล่าความฝันด้วยตัวกูเอง เส้นทางที่กุเดินกูเลือกจะทำเพลง
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    มีแต่เพลงมีแต่บีทเดือดเดือดแล้วก็ดีด เคไทเวลาrapแม่งโครตเถื่อนแม่งโครตดิบแม่งกูจะเอาอีก
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