Freedom 95! Retirement | Growing CBD weed

Our benevolent and merciful Minister Prime has deemed the Devil’s Lettuce, legal in Kanuckistan. As a dutiful citizen, I exercise my right to grow crops. It’s not as …


  1. AvE, I smoked weed a handful of times in high school and it makes me hella anxious. Then everybody tells me that im smoking the wrong shit. I'm sure you've heard this one a time or two.

  2. I spent about 200hrs on YouTube looking at all the grow vides. spent about $400 on equipment. Spent $75 on 12 seeds (bakers' dozen special). 11 of the 12 germinated in wet Kleenex sitting on the furnace. all 11 grew into plants…I of course killed the excess to obey the law, just like a good little boy. Once you do the research its pretty easy. Got 4 big plants about 5'-6'. No idea what the electricity cost, as I never tracked it separately….but if the pot works as a medial relief for any of your family members, then its worth it, no matter what it cost.

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