Full Film: Man Spends 30 Years Regenerating Farmland into Amazing Forest | Fools & Dreamers

The incredible story of how degraded gorse-infested farmland has been regenerated back into beautiful native forest. Host a screening of the film: While we’ve …


  1. Theres an INSPIRATION for ya!! Remember that those trees grow fast thanks to CO2 rich atmosphere! So dont fall for climatescare co2 tax implementation. Rather fight to end the pollution that big industry and corporations are making a profit on. Make China and India clean up their enviroment too !!! (LOLZ) BTW: All this talk about what are we gonna use if not fossil fuels… How about taking some of money from the richest who got it polluting the Earth anyway, and building some clean free Tesla energy?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Oh no, all you greta fanatics wouldnt want anything that actually makes sense now would you!?!

    Massive respect and hellos out of Zagreb

  2. I watched this twice.. its good. I did find it strange that the old fella was pretty upset about the fire caused by the lightning.. he seems very interested in the natural world being naturall. well, fires caused by lighting are part of the natural world. they have existed as long as the planet has. they help to regenerate things. I could understand being upset if someone set a fire or was careless n caused a fire. but the fire was part of the beauty of nature.

  3. 👨‍💻☎ring!💭HELLO Now ask wildlife people would they like to use your Land to help bring back near Extinct animals & birds🥇👍🧠👍
    Oh in NewZealand 🦘🐨 cheers straya needs to do more alike you there are a few quiet Achievers always doing there thing⛳

  4. "….the deleterious thing…" is the unceasing growth of the human population!
    You have an ideal place to set a first in the world to announce a maximum on your population there, with a plan to help reduce the world's growth!

  5. Thank you so much for this touching and inspiring film. Loved meeting Hugh Wilson via your documentary. I’m going outside now, here in my small corner of the world, to sit in my garden and remember some of the things Hugh and his team said.

  6. Bless you, all involved in the project. We're so short of wild places, getting short of fresh air and clean waters. What a visionary! The woods are so beautiful. It's what we all need nearby 🙂

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