FUNGUS GNATS and How To Identify, Prevent and Destroy them – Cannabis Growing

Another pest control guide, today on Lex’s World, this time about Fungus gnats. Spelling for the last 3 chemicals I mention: Vectobac, Gnatrol, Bactimos. There’s …


  1. Can theses guys make the buds on plant put out a unpleasant smell kind of a damp smell can’t put my finger on it but I defo got them gnats and I’m halfway threw flowering and can’t get my hands on hydrogen peroxide or neem oil anybody no what I can do or know what can make my buds smell bad they used to smell great lemon haze great

  2. If you're having trouble telling the difference between Fungus Gnats and Root Aphids look at the difference in wing length and their flight behavior. Root Aphids have wings that are atleast 2x longer than their bodies and they normal dont actually fly around but glide. So if you see some buzzing around erratically it's most likely just a Fungus Gnat.

  3. I recently had a gnat problem on some plants, if you catch it early enough before they start to fly and use traps to catch any that are flying. What worked for me was digging out the first inch or two of dirt and whipping down the inside and outside of the pot with a wet paper towel and then with a dry one. I then replaced the dirt with fresh potting soil and finally I sprayed down the soil with a mixture of 16oz water, pinch of cayenne pepper, and 3 drops of dish soap. This method worked on plants in both veg and bud stage. There were probably thousands of them crawling around, the dirt and pot looked like it had a lice infestation to put it into perspective. 24 hours after using this technique there was not one left.

  4. Frogot about the cinnamon I just starting having a problem with over watering..put a top layer on those bad girls and man had babys and the adults wigging didnt take no time at all..

  5. Lex I've be watching ur videos the last couple weeks are very educated about horticulture thank u for sharing ur knowledge. I'm a veteran outdoor grower, and I recently started doing indoor. And you tips and advice have played a huge roll in my success of doing it rite the first time! Thank you

  6. In my experience FFOF comes with gnats in the soil to begin with. I suggest that you bake your soil before you put it into the pots. This kills any gnats or pests in the soil but does not kill the nutrient content of the medium. I know i had gnats because I used it earlier this year and as soon as I watered my plant I get a influx of gnats I went with DE but you can also put a layer of sand on top of the soil 1 inch thick this will let you water the plant but the gnats have no food source to get to. Since they do live and breed in the top layer of soil. H202 also works to kill the larva and as a bonus it also aerates the soil for you. Yes you do need a few applications but H202 breaks down to plain water in the soil so you will not hurt the plant. The Ratio that is Recommended is 1/3 cup of H202 2/3 Water then water the whole pot. is it 1:2 or 1:3 I dont write out ratio platforms very often

  7. Sticky Traps will never kill your gnats problem, you can only slow down some of the adults. They do not just live in the top couple inches you're incorrect when saying that. I have documented and shown in videos they access the pots through the bottom holes also. Before coming up with the method I use to kill them, the only effective way that I saw actually kill them completely was a soil drench with nasty systemic pesticides. I developed a rock solid method that kills them within 7 days. Even if I don't have them all plants get lined with landscape paper in the bottom of the pots which allows water to go through but completely cuts of access to fungus gnats. If you do have them all you have to do is cut out landscape paper put it on the top of your pot and then put a thin layer of sand to hold it around the edges and to where the landscape paper is cut to make it fit on the pot. Within 7 days they're suffocated out and gone, I like leaving it on for 2 weeks for safe measures. This way there is no pesticides and its safe fast , fully effective and wipes them right out.

  8. Nematodes soaked in high grade steroids before applying to soil etc may help… Only joking, but seriously…. These things suck! And nematodes are pretty awesome.

    In the UK it's easy to get 10 million (not an exaggeration) for about £15, you can pre soak your soil with​ or use during grow. They also seek out and destroy multiple species of insects we don't want and patrol the medium (if environment is kept ideal) for weeks.

    Much love

  9. I struggled with a bad gnat infestation for a long time. I tried everything. The thing that finally worked was removing the top inch of dirt and replacing with sand for 7-10 days. Then removed the sand and replaced with dirt. No more gnats… little fuckers

  10. THE BEST WAY to deal with this issue is to buy Misquote dunks from amazon they PREvent and CONTROL and ELIMINATE most if not all bug problems and it is ORGANIC and it works 100% of the time with NO flaws or draw backs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is a type of Bacteria that attacks the LARVA and Young adults that cant fly yet. Just place this on top of your soil and everytime you water it, it will get wet release a little fresh Bactria into the dirty and it will do the job u always wanted and never effect your grows in a negative ways. I simply take these out when i flush my plants 10 days before harvest to make sure the bacteria is not apart of the last 10 days before harvest.

  11. Up to 3 gallon pot you can pull a pantyhose up over the pot and clamp it around the stock , harder to water but after a few days they are gone ! The first couple days you'll see them below the nylon , just spray with hydrogen peroxide !

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