Grass Is Greener | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

It lit up jazz and hip-hop — and ignited a war on drugs steeped in racial injustice. Experts explore America’s complicated relationship with weed. Hip-hop legend …


  1. Said Doco Best I seen in a while. So much of what was spoken of made me rage inside towards the Hypocrisy and Injustice, The Needless Propaganda machines rolling along like a Rat on a wheel spreading misinformation even in 2019. Another Rat except on the big Pharma wheel . Still Illegal here in New Zealand.. It's being discussed now in Politics and soon maybe accessible for Medicinal use. This is my Idea of Netflix and Chill Chill…Light it up if you got it. X

  2. I HAVE NETFLIX FOR 1 YEAR,BUT I WILL CANCEL IT NEXT MONTH…its the biggiest shit among this "movie" networks…85% of netflix contain is BULLSHIT!!! unfinished series,bullshit movies,idiotic documentaries!!!

  3. Fuck them. Shit in head 24h. More recently in Africa, they sold their brothers into slavery. Now this carrion says "Yay, legalize the grass! Let's make the whole world stupid idiots!" These bastards have no love. They have no real emotions. All fake. Prostitutes, alcohol, porno, weed, cocain, hypocrisy, and so on. They all rot alive in this shit. There is one who benefits from stupid people. Dumb people are easy to manage. Open your eyes!

  4. So much hypocrisy though . "Hip hop has done more work on war against drugs than the government" …Sure…all drug dealers where selling was lolly pops and chamomile tea. I bet all of these people used to push all kids of class A shit back then. Lies after lies. All celebrities are the same.

  5. Why is Wisconsin in yellow??? We have no medical unless you count CBD because hemp is legal (legal CBD was an accident)…so not full medical. Tell me about getting your doctor's OK (rare) makes medical possible and how there is a no legal way to get it. Only recently there were a dozen+ counties that FOUGHT to put Non-Binding, Advisory Only referendums regarding medical and legalization on their fall ballots. Great. They passed but it's advisory ONLY. Now we have to fight Voss and Fitzgerald, both Republicans. At least we got rid of Walker who always said he would never sign a bill.

  6. I saw a part of the documentary and it seems that they are doing apology of marijuana. I use to smoke every day for several years. In the documentary they say that it makes you more creative and better musician, I think that's stupid, I think it makes you a bit more sensitive, that's true. But it also makes your mind go a little and sometimes delire a little. I would not incite anyone to try, if you want to do it, I think it's fine, but sometimes it's not a totally good thing to proove, it can play a litle bad with your mind and your personality.

    And I say this from my own experience, My mind was very calm before I started smoking and now I am quite paranoid and my mind is much more random and fanciful than before.

    I could not say that marihuana is bad, i love it, but i don´t know if it is good for everyone, and for every moment.

  7. You may have an engineering degree, but that doesn't mean you know anything about what makes a plant tick. Trimming off the mid/lower 2/3s of a plant is a fantastic way to yield far less than one could. Horticulture 101!

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