Grobo Grow Boxes | Dragons' Den Season 14 Episode 1 | Dragons' Den s14e01

Ready to grow your own at home? Bjorn and Chris enter the den asking for $400K for 4% of this home growing game changer. Will it be enough to get the …


  1. Cool product. I really like it, but It's pretty expensive. As a consumer I would have to grow so many plants in that box between 5 to 10 years to get my investment back. Unless I grow weed…then that's a different case.

  2. Damn Canada be in the fore front of shit. Were still behind in legalizing here in the states especially here in Chicago where I'm from, yet it doesnt go in effect till Jan 2020. Doesnt make sense to me especially being a Democratic run city, yet Cali, Colorado, DC, and other numerous states have legalized it already. Corruption is where its at. They make more money by giving out tickets to consumers.

  3. The market is flooded. Nobody needs a single plant setup but would buy this anyways. A fun little hobby. You can DIY for way less then half the price of $1000. About $300 with an Arduino.

  4. That weed in the jar looks like weed we make shatter or oil out of it. That weed looks like the lowest grade weed ever seen. Hilarious they pitch this thing as it grows quality weed. Horrible looking weed.

  5. Why is no one commenting about how these guys want monetize Grobo, "can tell if someone even has an air conditioner in their home", was a huge red flag for me. I won't trust this company for a single product in my home. I was really into this grow box until learning about there future plans now. This really disappoints me.

  6. Marijuana is good for people that have HIV it kills glaucoma great for people that have asthma it expands your lungs great for people who need to eat and can't like people that are anorexic this would help them to eat and a whole lot of other stuff even kids that have seizure problems the resin given to them stops the seizures also people epilepsy resin help from a lot and a whole lot of other cases and cancer it kills cancer if it is only resin there's a lot of benefits are factors that marijuana is good it's classified as a vegetable it's edible just resin from it can be very beneficiary I've been smoking it since I was 8 years old and I'm 56 now and let me tell you it's helped my asthma a lot I haven't had an asthma attack since I was 8 years old all these medications that they give me from my cancer either leaves me in a lot of pain drowsy bobbing up and down and just don't feel good in my stomach or in my whole body but when I smoke a joint I feel a hell of a lot better I feel like getting up working clean my house like a never been done before it also helps me to see a little bit better it opens up your brain and expand your mind rapidly I know that Albert Einstein used to smoke it and I guess that's how we started to Adventure and finding out the reason of rivet tivity the speed of light and this is also where he got the idea for the Philadelphia Project going back in time or going ahead on time even though he did not have enough power to generate the fields to open the time door as people jumped off the side of the ship they went into time the people who are on board the ship wild in butted into this ship itself region is not enough power to do what it had to do properly I did speak to a sailor who travelling time that was involved with the Philadelphia Project from 1940 to 2001 and I had a talk with him and it was very interesting on what he went through to travel through time was an experience through him but if you don't believe me check out the Philadelphia Project by Albert Einstein it will blow your mind thank you very much Dragon Stan I hope this suggestions here can help you understand what the benefits of marijuana is oh yeah it also takes away stress a lot of stress

  7. That is way too much money for a gram I would not pay for that it can sit and collect dust I don't care a gram of weed is 10 bucks no more than ten bucks that's a pure rip off

  8. Dragons Den I thought you weren't allowed to grow cannabis unless you have cancer I heard that only people with cancer can grow that kind of herb but if it's legal to grow I don't know if I can go to jail or not for growing that but I do have a pituitary gland brain tumour I do smoke it recreational I go to Norwalk stores to buy mine but it cost way too much money as I understand a gram of weed was ten bucks but I go to a grow up and you got to pay near $20 for gram which is a pure rip off the only reason why I don't want to buy it on the streets because they're laced with fentanyl and that kind of stuff I want to stay the hell away from it's dangerous and it kills people I've never heard anybody dying on marijuana only in 1974 when a couple of guys were on a Greyhound bus driving from the United States and they bought some weed there and when they're on the bus they were smoking it in the bathroom in the back of the bus not was laced with paraquat which killed them both and that was the only time I heard marijuana killing anybody but still I need to know more about the laws on marijuana I know that it's legal to carry 3 grams but up to announce you're not allowed to carry but I'm so well disabled I'm in an electric wheelchair now and my pain is so bad for my hip that I need to have it replaced I'm on all kinds of OxyContin 80s Percodan and it leaves me dopey like you wouldn't believe but when I smoke a joint I have no more pain only for at least an hour but it also depends on the strength of the bud update text about getting to safety be doing a lot of time I am not scared to actually try growing it but I don't want to get arrested you have to be careful of the Canadian laws about marijuana I used to buy it on the street and I used to get a large amount of it and it was some of the best you can smoke it and you wouldn't be able to get off the couch it was that powerful but the kind that's in the grocery stores now is solo on THC it isn't funny I can remember buying it in the seventies and a dime of weed back then was at Dominion bag full of marijuana allbuds the way they're selling it now is so rip off it isn't funny marijuana is marijuana it should cost ten bucks for dying no matter what what kind of pray to whatever it is marijuana should be sold by the gram 410 box only not 12 $13 or whatever

  9. DO NOT BUY!!!! So my wife purchased one and when the UPS finally delivered it to her she was so excited til she opened it. The unit was very damaged. A lot of dents, and the tank wouldn’t fill up. After reaching out to them they just replied with instructions on how to take it apart myself and fix it. My wife didn’t want to wait another month so we fixed the tank ourselves. The wires were plugged in backwards inside. “common mistake passing their quality control” is the words they used and than we turned it on to realize that the lights won’t even turn bright or change colors so emailed them again and they suggested I hire a handy man and they’ll pay the hourly rate for the repair. WHAT?? What company does that? so I researched them some more and I was very troubled seeing that a good 3rd of their customer reviews even on their own site All Growers are awful with people who’ve had the same problems if not worse!!!! Some just won’t even turn on!! My wife though is beyond easy going and loved the idea and these kids mission so she reached out to them saying we’ll just send this back since ITS BROKEN and once you guys get it just please send us a new working. Believe it or not they refused and said that the best they’ll do is repair this piece of shit and send it back. I have all the emails they’re classic. If anyone’s thinking about buying this DONT!!! Reach out to me and I’ll show you the emails pictures all the outlandish stuff. There’re better products out there doing the same exact thing but with actual customer support instead of whatever Grobo is doing. And more affordable. This product should’ve never hit the market when sooo many people can even turn it on to work. Shameful. Hopefully I saved someone 2 grand. Cheers

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