Grow Guide How to Properly Dry Medical Cannabis

Have you ever wondered how to ensure your cannabis is properly dried before starting to trim or store it? This video walks you through the simple “snap” test to …


  1. My plants have been hanging for about 4 days And they are starting too look very dark and beginning to loose their color it was very purple but now it’s beginning to look dark. Is this normal? Any suggestions

  2. This is the most tedious part I think…babied the things all summer outside, had to bring her in because she's a pure sativa strain or close…put her under three 1200 watt LED lights, and she kept flowering and growing and flowering…finally, she's done. Thanks for the advice on drying, very crucial stage but hard on my nerves. lol

  3. Boveda will rehydrate your bud if it’s too dry…. so just dry the bud and let the boveda rehydrate your weed when you’re curing. Simple fix…

  4. Really nice video with the details about water content and humidity levels…when I start the drying process where should I place my circulation fan to keep air in the room from going stale ?

  5. Thanks man, I am trying to color my thumb green and this is my first actual harvest. This info helped me ALOT. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to dry by putting in mason jars, and stowing away in the dark only brought out to be burped once a day. Glad to know that I have to Tobacco dry it sorta and I didn't know about the Break or Bend test to tell if it's dry. Awesome idea. Thank you, from one med toker to the next.

  6. I personally don't have the room, so I have to use a dehydrator which takes 4 hours to dry out the outer part of the bud. 5 trays = 2 1/2 oz of smokable buds. I don't see a difference between doing it my way or doing all that unnecessary proceedures you do, the buds taste the same!

  7. So when drying is it a very important factor to keep it at a certain temperature and humidity? I heard that it let's the bud get more potent. I know how to cure indefinitely as I've done it before but I have never dried. All I really want to know is if it has to be at a certain temperature and humidity as that can be hard where I live.

  8. Wait till it snaps and the buds are way to dry.cut the buds off theain Branch's when the cannabis is about half dry. The stems no longer supply anything that the buds need at that point.Then put in brown paper bags until buds seem to be ready to burn efficiently.Then transfer to jars and burp as needed.

  9. I cut all buds of and trim them and then put in paper bag in a warm room and open and shake a few time a day works great keeps dust off them and paper help suck moister from buds do this for a couple weeks then smoke up and have to have a warm room even if a space heater in a empty closet drys faster and no mold done it this way a thousand times but each to their own you can feel the buds and tell when they are ready

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