Grow Tip: Can Under Watering Cannabis During Veg Cause Hermies

Dude Grows Show Grow Talk clip from Ep. 944 The Dude, Scotty and Guru discuss under watering cannabis plants. Answering a Grow Talk question posted by …


  1. Don't trust the seeds!! Always check for Hermies even if you got it from trusted sources! It's not possible to breed it out completly. Period. Otherwise human males would not have nipples! For something that is so insignificant for our survival to stay in our gene pool for millions of years without being wiped out. Who do you think you are that you can just delete the gene for their survival out of the pool in merely 10-50 generations of breeding? I still respect the work and effort they put into it but it's just simply not true if one of them say that their seeds will not herm because they tested it.

  2. You Guys are an amazing team!! I’ve really enjoyed my experience getting to know y’all and going back years of the show and literally filing Maddd info away into my “storage” AKA, my short term memory loss bank, and then I feel like I’ve gotten schooled on some important shit each time I tune in!!

    THIS PERSON- tells ya this
    AND THIS PERSON – tells you that!
    ITS ON YOU!!! – To assimilate the info you’ve taken in. To chop it up so as to Understand in your own Laments terms. To be able to decipher what will and wont work in your specific circumstances. And Then to apply or not apply the newly acquired info into your routines/ techniques/ methods!!!
    Something that really bothers me about the way some people are to each other on some of these channels Make It All That Much Sweeter When you find a channel that’s doing it for the right reasons and being transparent and having their guests or whoever talks about their specific roles or products or technology talk about and be open about their stuff!!! It’s tough to decipher sometimes the good from the bad, and as humans in this community, EVERYONE SHOULD BE MADE AWARE OF THE SUM OF THE SCUMMMINESS THAT WILL FLOAT AROUND HERE WITH THE GOOD PEOPLE TRYIN TO FIT IN AND HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT UNTIL THEYRE CALLED OUT!!
    I see a lot more People being negative and just dicks than being helpful to each other …. and I’m hoping things to come are putting these assholes on Blast app THE WHOLE COMMUNITY can know who scum are!!!!

    Have An amazing Xmas day!!! Mad GrowLuv Fam from the Little Hook above Cape Cod!!! ✌? ☮️

    Man, GURU is the man!!!
    Gotta love the Vocab Jeopardy questions and GURU jus like ? BaM? !! Such a Weed Nerd Horticultural BotanyStud!!!!

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