1. I'm from Cuba but I'm living I the US now. I started to take this plant in capsules and it's awesome, it has 84 health benefits, I feel healthier, more energy, my immune system is stronger, I really recommend it joined to green juices. Try it.

  2. A youtuber……no name 😑😑😑 overopinionated was slamming ginseng negatively . Ginseng has earned amazing place for thousands of years..but thats what happens when people jusy want to prove their narrow vision

  3. Thank you for this amazing video! I bought mine from a Chinese herb store. It has 40 tea bags per box. I put one bag in large coffee mug. It comes out bitter with occasional hints of sweetness. It works so well is the reason I'm searching YouTube. I don't think you mentioned sleep, or you did when taken in the evening but amazing dreams and refreashing.

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