Harvest Health Due Diligence (CSE:HARV // OTC:HRVSF) MJ Marijuana Cannabis MSO Analysis

Due Diligence Review of Harvest One, Leading US MSO Cannabis Company = 7-day Free Trial = DD …


  1. Hey Justin, thanks again for all your work ­čśÄ. Kind of like the comment below Do you think it could be that Harvest was the ones that didn't take the $ deal from CGC? (Instead of CGC not picking them)

  2. Thank you for the work Justin! You're taught us a lot.

    In a interview a while ago, Steve White said that Canopy did not offer him enough money which is why he wouldn't do the deal. Whether that is true or not, who knows but Steve says it was him not selling to Canopy.

    Either way, this company is some trouble and thank you for looking into it.

  3. Thanks as always for your great work Justin. Honestly before I joined Blaze I didn't put enough importance into DD. Now I have had the wonderful opportunity to do research then compare my notes to yours. The great part is if I am right I learn and if I am wrong I learn. What I would recommend to others is to put more thought on the DD side. I never realized how important is it.

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