Harvesting huge buds from the Gorilla Glue auto!

Chopping the gorilla glue auto from auto seeds! She grew for 92 days, or 13 weeks!!! A very long time for an auto, but these buds look and smell amazing!


  1. Gorrila glue is one of the best weed ive ever had.. very hard to find here in the uk.. can you help where to buy seeds from ? Your plant looks amazing man i want this also .. whats the diffrence in an auto or normal plant ? Id like to mother one for future uses .. thanks alot

  2. Nice grow dude. I just started and would like to know how your gorilla glue turned out as far as quality and potency. I hear autos are not as potent of course but I guess I will find out soon.

  3. Hurts me when u touch the buds so much ._. Destroying all trichomes ._. But all good hahaha ur weed, but i personally wouldnt touch especially squeeze it that much ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Can anyone with any tips to gorilla glue auto let me know whatโ€™s going on and if my set up looks okay itโ€™s my first grow and need feedback thank you so much this one looks amazing I hope mine turns out half as good as this

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