1. I don’t think people understand the fact that marijuana can either be used as a tool or a “drug”. Look I’ve been playing football since the 6th grade and some of the people I grew up with in pop warner have been smoking tree and doing dabs every day but one of them has D1 scholarships in football and track and one of them is incredibly fucken jacked and can bench 315 for reps. Yet I have other friends who didn’t know how to manage it and are now doing hardcore drugs like xans, lsd, and molly all the time and are high school dropouts 🤷‍♂️ . aslong as you know how to manage it and not rely on it as part of your schedule you’ll be fine

  2. Things consumed are supposed to pass through the bodies digestive system which is ALSO the gateway (beginning AND trigger) to the immune system which serves to protect you….by mouth, not lungs, not nose (cocaine). One is not choosing life when bypassing the natural…thus eventually reap a whirlwind of destruction.
    And, don’t forget effects on the brain.

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