Hemp Bombs Review With Coupon | Worth Buying Hemp Bombs CBD?

Hemp Bombs Review: Coupon Code: cbdinf15 Save 15% on your order today. Hemp Bombs offers a product line of …


  1. This company  HEMP BOMBS is a whole scam for the past three years the owners has intentionally and knowingly have been under dosing and labeling the product with higher doses. If all the products were to be tested all the results would proof this is truth. Also the pills are full of  Black mold and fungus, and also their e liquid has pesticides, after the owner found out he never recalled the Merchandise. All his machines are not FDA approved.   Also the building they store their finished goods  is in a building  full of mold they just painted it over.

  2. Hemp bombs products are bunk. And their edibles are only coated with cbd so after a couple licks of the lollipop there's no more cbd. Also their products dont contain the amount of cbd they claim and sometimes they have none at all. Even nbc tested their gummies and they had 2mg. I have had quality cbd products and have had hemp bombs. I had a bottle of their high potency gummies each gummy claimed to have 28.5mg cbd but they were completely ineffective. And I can take a 15mg quality cbd gummy and it actually works. Hemp bombs is trash.

  3. I’ve been taking the hemp bombs almost a year one at night before bed and no one talks about all the other ingredients besides cbd isolate. There is phenibut in these items that are extremely addictive. I know bc I’m taking them. No one has talked about this, why?

  4. I was a big pot head and had to quit smoking cause of randoms … is this stuff like a near beer for alcoholics ??? If it gives a relaxing feeling and gets rid of that itch to smoke something I'll try it I've been interested to see what its like i ordered a 2000ml one should i have went lower ??

  5. There really are many reviews that just point out how great certain products. I was informed about Hemp Bombs CBD recently and wanted to learn more about it first before buying. I like how in-depth you went with your review. I think I'll get the product for my dog. She is always uneasy during storms. Great review.

  6. I love this channel because the truth is that all its videos are extremely detailed and easy to understand even for the most novice or with little knowledge. Thank you very much friend continues like this

  7. An interesting review of Hemp Bombs which is given in a full detail on how we truly benefited with the different high-grade CBD products to choose from depending on our health need.

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