Hemp Processing Facility 2018

Industrial hemp harvest for CBD oil extraction. These four machines are capable of processing four kiln floors of material per 8 hour shift which is approximately …


  1. Cannabidiol (CBD) is illegal in the United States for any medical use, except for epidiolex by prescription. The medical CBD industry took of at high speed, and regulations are just beginning to catch up. In Hawaii, the Health Dept is sending out warning letters, and confiscating CBD products off store shelves. Next come fines as high as $10,000 a day, per violation.

  2. Hemp & Medical Marijuana are nothing short of a big pharma tax scam!
    "lll-Gotten Gains, The Rockefeller War on Drugs" By Jean Carter
    Legislate Cannabis like Tomatoes …Enough is enough fees, out of
    country research dollars, corporate favoritism, policing, fines,
    permits, regulators, police, imports & jail time for a non-toxic
    plant! SHAMELESS! Greed is a disease!! Freedom For ALL!

  3. กันชาบ้านเราก็น่าจะมีใว้เป็นยาตอนเด็กเห็นแม่เอามาต้มกินแม่บอกว่ากินแก้เบาหวานท่าแม่ไม่มีกันชาต้มกินแม่บอกว่าน้ำตลานมันขึ้นจนหูอึ้อรัอนตาเลยท่ากินน้ำต้มกันชาแล้วมันดี

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