Hempvati – Legalize Marijuana | Priya Mishra | Mumbai | Stories Worth Sharing

Priya Mishra aka Hempvati pushes for legalizing marijuana and she has her strong reasons for it. If you stand for the legalization of marijuana, share this video …


  1. Even I will feel honoured to work with your project and get marijuana legal in our country where in this can be helpful in a way as many of them are unaware about it's advantages in very low cost as it's not expensive at all..People are not mad in abroad to legalise this thing which comes only for 100 or 60 RS in India.. it should be legalised with some restrictions and limits and people should be really made aware of it's advantages as I haven't heard or faced any disadvantages.. It helps me to come out of anxiety .. I give a damn what people are talking on my face or back..It relaxes mind and makes you realise your priorities in life and to think only about them

  2. बहनजी गांजा के ऊपर रंगी बंदी हटा दिजिए बहूत मेहेरबानी होगी ये पुलिसवाले गली गली में आके पकड के ले जाते है जब की हम चोर नहीं है फिर भी हमारे उपर ये जूल्म होता है

  3. she wants us to join her mission in legalising marijuana, and wen i messaged her for some help regarding this plant, she doesnt respond, so basically she wants us to follow her blindly.

  4. Big Thank you I had a question, how to apply for the Cancer patients , or who would be suggest the possible way n how plz suggest.. It will be help others who are never used it for the medication. Thanking you.🙏 if there is something plz share the link or something.

  5. I was diagnosed with allergic rhinitis… Medications failed and my doc advised surgery … Accidentally at a local temple I Had a chance to get it as prasad..During shivratri..It worked wonders.and the rest is history

  6. priya i heard you on your video but you have failed to discuss if this treatment is available in Delhi . Is cannabis taken after treatment of just chewing of the leaf like Neem

  7. in jaise chutiye jo west ko copy kar rahe h barbaad kar denge bharat ko. ganjha aur bhang me antar hota h aur shiv ji bhaang lete the cigarette bana ke ganjha nahi phookte the bewakoof aurat .. tere videos dekhe meine naa bhartiya scripturs pade tune naa koi degree h kis basis pe itnee bakchodi kar rahi h hippie

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