Hollywood Undead On the "Botany Mixed With Gangsterism" of Their Marijuana Business | AP

hollywoodundead #doveandgrenade #aptv Hollywood Undead believe that marijuana can help save the world and not in a trite, hip hop cliche sort of way.


  1. So does this just make them higher level drug dealers? I've had four deaths in my immediate family due to drugs, and I've been straightedge for nearly 20 years, so my thoughts are pretty mixed. But at the same time, everyone has the right to provide for their families and if music , as much as we love and support it, isn't cutting it, they have every right to do what is best and what they enjoy.

  2. I love Hollywood undead so much I been in the undead army for a long time time and her i am at the age 16 and blasting their music still and not giving a fuck what other people say

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