Home Grow Series – Drying and Curing Cannabis at Home

In this episode, we show you how to dry and cure your cannabis while working within Canada’s 4-plant legal limit. UrbanRemo’s Trimming and Drying Series: …


  1. My first harvest went well but I wonder if drying too quickly can cause the product to lose smell also? I had an RH of 35% and after 5 days some of the stems were snapping dry. Might have been that the plant was harvested too early or the lighting was just not enough to grow fat buds so the product dried too fast? In any case, most of the buds were stellar smoke, but some was dry.

  2. So I have a question about the "Hay flavor" You say that it comes from taking them down too quickly and the buds absorbing the moisture from the stocks. So my question is, what dose "taking them down" mean?

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