House committee approves federal bill legalizing marijuana

The House Judiciary Committee passed a bill that would legalize marijuana on the national level. This would give states the right to decide their own policies …


  1. Hey nadder you want to right another wrong stop bullshit impeachment coup and the American people decided years ago pot was ok and have been using it so change whatever you want we the people will continue to be Free and do as we want long as we do no harm to others

  2. Weed is harmless and heals unlike alcohol which destroys families…I have never heard of a man losing his wife over weed unless she is a real nag and that's just a personal problem?????.

  3. It should be legal in all 50 states an release my ? buddies out there ain't no law in the books that smoking pot or anything else for that mattter it's your body no one else's bussiness ?????

  4. If they legalize it on the Federal/ criminal level that's all fine and dandy but most good paying jobs would still probably test for it when hiring people. I stopped smoking it yrs ago because I didn't want to keep working low wage jobs. Also these better paying jobs do random testing. So is it really worth it to keep smoking after you reach a certain age. The age when it's time to have responsibility and bills to pay? This is how I stopped living paycheck to paycheck.

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