How can illegal drugs help our brains | David Nutt | TEDxBrussels

“Talk covers the wonderous complexity of the brain – the most complex organ in the universe – but one which often goes wrong – so that the cost of brain …


  1. Im 17 and live in sweden, I was arrested for cannabis possesion and am getting prosecuted despite never bothering a soul while the Police are to undermanned to investigate murders and rapes. What a world

  2. Hi guys . Please tell me it now can help Bipolar 1…? According to Dr Fadiman (2018) ,you can use shrooms in a
    “depressed state.” But not recommended for use in manic states. Does ecstasy help bipolar? I had my first manic episode at age 37. Then diagnosed as bipolar and ptsd. I WISH I only had ptsd cause then I would take shrooms or lsd. I’ve been in a low state so Micro-dosed .5 grams every 3 days for a month. I felt great for about 3 months . I want to do it again but not sure what studies/ data show in 2019.

  3. Terrence McKenna should be a house hold name. My God. Take back your minds culture is not our Freind. Take Suboxone not iboga. Take lythium not silocybin. Let your children become brainwashed by technology not nature. WAKE UP WAKE UP. FORGET FOOTBALL AND FACEBOOK. GO BECOME ONE WITH NATURE AND GODS CREATIONS THAT COME FROM MOTHER EARTHS LOVING GARDEN.ITS A THREAT TO EXPAND HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS WITH THESE NATURAL GROWING PLANTS ITS VERY DISRUPTIVE TO THE DOMINATORS THAT SPILL OUR BLOOD DAY AND NIGHT. WAKE UP

  4. Ouch. Audio gone haywire, half the slides not direct loaded to video…
    The talk is okay, but this video has… ehrm, let's say… "room for improvement."

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